Thursday, June 14


Daily News Stuff 14 June 2018

  • Intel announces graphics cards coming in 2020. Larrabee says "What am I, chopped liver?" The answer is yes, Larrabee, chopped liver is what you are.

  • If you need 5-10 GB per second of I/O, Gigabyte and Plextor have you covered.

  • AMD reportedly has been busy co-creating their next-gen Navi graphics with Sony for the PlayStation 5 and future PCs. Apparently two thirds of their graphics engineers have been working on the project, leaving last year's Vega release short staffed and somewhat underwhelming. The same reports say the PS5 will run on Zen CPU cores, which will be a big improvement over the <random cat name> cores used by both the PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Intel may not sell six-core Xeons for low-end servers, but they'll happily sell you the exact same part for your laptop workstation. Lenovo built one. Six cores, as we said, 128GB RAM, Quadro P3200 graphics, 4K 15" screen, up to 6TB of storage, Thunderbolt 3, and built-in LTE. With all that it still weighs in at a fairly reasonable 2.45 kg (5.4 lbs). Price TBA, but for comparison the smaller P52s with 4 cores, Quadro P500, 4k screen, 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD runs $2090 right now.

  • Elasticsearch the full-text search engine that sucks less than any of the alternatives now supports... SQL? NoSQL is now YeSQL I guess.


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1 "yes, Larrabee, chopped liver is what you are."
I could be wrong, but I don't think any graphics cards powered by Larrabee were ever released.  (As opposed to engineering samples like the one Linus Sebastian got his hands on.)

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 15 2018 11:15 AM (ITnFO)

2 "If you need 5-10 GB per second of I/O"
I picked up a 128GB Patriot Rage 2 thumb drive recently; it has a sequential write speed of around 300MB/s.  Groovy.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 15 2018 11:17 AM (ITnFO)

3 No-one wanted Intel ChoppedLiverFX Graphics.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, June 15 2018 02:18 PM (PiXy!)

4 Fair enough.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 15 2018 11:32 PM (Q/JG2)

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