Sunday, August 06


Speakering Of Which

I swapped the Dell AE415 speakers for some Logitech Z623s.  Only an extra $30, but the difference is night and day.  The satellite speakers in the Logitech setup weigh as much as the Dell subwoofer - and produce about as much bass.  

Not surprising, because the Logitech satellites are 35W each, and the Dell speakers are 30W in total.

They're a little bass-heavy, to be honest; they're designed for watching movies more than listening to music.  But I can turn that down, where with the AE415s the bass was still inadequate even dialed all the way up.

Right now I have - not counting built-ins - eleven speakers on my desk, which is a bit much.  Time to do some decluttering.  Fortunately the Z623 supports three sound inputs, though I need to find a 1/8" to dual-RCA cord somewhere.  One of those boxes in the spare bedroom, I'm sure.

I just checked, and I was testing the Logitechs with the left and right speakers swapped.  Oops.

First thing I need, though, is a bigger desk.  Fortunately I know there's one of those in the spare bedroom, because it's kind of hard to miss.


Oof.  Forgot how heavy those things were.  Okay, 7'6" x 3' of antique oak worksurface installed!  (A legacy of my DotCom era salary.)  Now we're cooking!

Next step: Does this shiny new toy of mine support 4K HDMI input as well as output?


Yes.  Yes it does.  In fact, it looks amazing.  I'm thinking of getting an Xbox One X when it comes out, and with this screen and these new speakers, it should be great.  Right now I have my notebook plugged in, which is nice but not entirely necessary.  (Seeing as how the desktop is an eight-core to the notebook's two-core.)

It works as a monitor while the PC part is rebooting, which is exactly  what it should do but is nice to see anyway.  There's a physical button next to the power button that switches the video source, so it doesn't matter what software you are running, or even if the system currently boots at all.

Which means you could get two of these, and cross-connect them, run Windows on one and Linux on the other, and have two dual-monitor systems in the space of just the two monitors.  Not that I have any plans of doing that.

And my keyboard and mouse are now paired with Tohru, Taiga, and Azusa (the notebook), so I can just flip the switches to control them all.

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