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1 My view on these claims of AI and 'extinction level' is that I believe that very few of the people making these claims have made a serious effort to study the challenges involved in totally exterminating humanity. 

I have actually studied this last problem a bit. 

Among other things, it is related to the problem of totally exterminating any one national population. 

Which is reasonable to study given such things as the AGW hypothesis, or Russia's theory of denazification in it's "sphere of influence".  The latter implies that Russia and Mexico are in America's sphere of influence, and that the American government can legitimately pursue denazification.

Anyway, the AI experts talking about extinction either started out insane, or became insane by hanging around with insane people, or maybe even were never truly expert in AI. 

(Among other tests...  Humans do not need electrical power to survive as a species.  AI necessarily needs electrical power.  Humans are necessary for electrical power supply.  Beyond that there is no evidence of breakaway synergies, the problem of automating infantry is hard, and there is no reason to expect AI to qucikly solve all the problems needed to solve to exterminate humanity and also to continued to function while and after doing so.  If the AI fails early for lack of solving those, then humanity survives by default.  The challenges run right through the heart of engineering.  So, I would either want to see successful tests of automation replacing most engineers, or I would want to see successful tests of killbots, or I must conclude that the folks calling the alarm are mystics or idiots. )

That is them being crazy even by my standards, and I have been pretty nuts for a long time. 

The alternative explanation is that political idiots are desperate, and all of the AI noise was meant to pay off on them playing the 'extinction level threat card' and getting everyone to back down, and the AI experts are simply lying.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, March 12 2024 11:19 PM (r9O5h)

2 AI expert: someone who plays candy crutch all day.
Extinction level event: being without your smartphone for more than five minutes.

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, March 13 2024 12:17 AM (zx18t)

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