Saturday, March 28


Azunyan Update

So, Cities Skylines at 4K and max settings on a low-end notebook GPU is not a good experience.  Turn down the settings and set the resolution to 1920x1080, though, and it's not too bad.  Not silky smooth, but playable.

The new version of IntelliJ IDEA, my IDE of choice, just came out, and features HiDPI support.  Tried it on my CrazyHiDPI notebook...  It Just Works.â„¢

It's a lot heavier than Chika, but then Chika weighs all of 2lbs, so a 15" notebook with touchscreen and dedicated GPU would be expected to weigh a little more.

Screen is glossy, which is great for colour but not great for working in a brightly lit environment. 

So far, it works, it's fast, it has 4x the RAM and 2.5x the free disk space of Chika, and I'm very happy.

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