Thursday, February 10


It's Not A Cult!!!

Mmmm. Sixty gig of iPoddy goodness... Charging... Charging...


The packaging is superb, too. I wonder if they learned that from the Japanese, who are fanatical about presentation.

And little details: My Palm T3 charges from the dock, which is a USB 1.1 device, and requires a power adaptor. Without the dock and the power adaptor, no recharging. If you want something different, you have to buy it. There's a cable that will let you sync and recharge from any USB port, but (a) it costs extra, (b) no-one has it in stock and (c) there's no online Palm Store in Australia.

The iPod comes with USB and Firewire cables which will both recharge and sync the device, plus a dock which can connect via either cable, plus a power adaptor which will let you recharge without a computer. (It's a mains to Firewire adaptor, which is probably less generally useful than a mains to USB adaptor, but I'm not going to quibble.)

Tonight, I drop 30GB of (entirely legal) MP3s on it. Yay!

One but: Apple Australia, you need to get a new courier company. It took a week for my iPod to get from Frenchs Forest to my office in the city. (Frenchs Forest is a suburb of Sydney.) Same day delivery might not always be possible, but a week?

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1 Cripes, 60 gig!?! Even if i ripped all of my CD's, i don't think i'd have much more than ... ok, 30 gig, but still, that's a lot of songs.

Posted by: tommy at Friday, February 11 2005 01:03 AM (VCRgB)

2 Double cripes, that's the size of the HD in my laptop. Yeesh. :-D

Posted by: tommy at Friday, February 11 2005 01:04 AM (VCRgB)

3 I've ripped most of my CDs, and have a bunch of stuff I bought on EMusic, and it adds up to about 30GB. And the 40GB iPod really only gives you 37GB, so by the time I finished ripping the CDs I have now, it would be full. Which would be bad. :( So 60GB. :)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, February 11 2005 01:52 AM (dd1tv)

4 oh, aye, well that makes sense. And now you have an excuse to get some 30 more CD's worth. :-D

Posted by: tommy at Friday, February 11 2005 02:15 AM (VCRgB)

5 I'm coming over all envious and stuff. The closest thing I have to a portable MP3 player right now is my Axiom pocket PC. Not quite up to snuff as a storage device. long til my birthday...

Posted by: Jim at Friday, February 11 2005 07:20 AM (MDLz3)

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