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Wednesday, April 03


Daily News Stuff 3 April 2024

The Telescreen Was Behind The Potatoes Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • Dell's new Inspiron 14 Plus is HP's Pavilion 14 Plus only worse.  (Liliputing)

    The Dell has a 2880x1800 display but it's half as bright as the HP's OLED panel, and the Four Essential Keys are absent as they are on all of Dell's current laptops.  Since it's the same price as the HP I see no reason for anyone to buy it.

  • How to hack any AI.  (Tech Crunch)

    Be very annoying.

  • Wait, is Qualcomm's new laptop CPU actually good?  (Tom's Hardware)

    Maybe so.  It's only one benchmark, but it beat AMD and Intel chips on both single-threaded scores (narrowly) and multi-threaded scores (by a substantial margin).

    Qualcomm's previous efforts in this space have been underwhelming, but all reports on this venture have been positive so far.

  • Google Podcasts was an opportunity to do something innovative and genuinely useful.  (The Verge)

    But instead Google killed it and put all their efforts into generating racially diverse Nazis.

  • The highest-rating vtuber debut of all time is Hololive's Usada Pekora's mother.

    Her April 1 stream pulled in more than 180,000 concurrent viewers.

  • Frieren, Maomao, and Tanya are all the same person.

Disclaimer: Don't let Pekora's mother having the highest rating vtuber debut of all time distract you from the fact that Pekora bought a faqing monkey.

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Tuesday, April 02


Daily News Stuff 2 April 2024

Return Of The Pomen Edition

Top Story

  • How Vice Media fell down a hole and died.  (The Verge)

    By taking a formerly interesting news site and infecting it with woke nonsense written by lazy, greedy, stupid illiterates.

    Kind of like The Verge.

Tech News

Not Even Remotely Tech News

They are back.

Top: Dokibird, latterly Selen Tatsuki of Nijisanji until they forced her out, recreating her iconic opening theme now that she's returned to her original character.

Bottom: Mint Fantome, a.k.a. Maid Mint, formerly Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji until she got while the going was good, is returning to streaming also as her original character.

Disclaimer: Are we not men?  We are Pomu.

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Monday, April 01


Daily News Stuff 1 April 2024

No Shit There I Was Edition

Top Story

  • New York city is installing expensive security scanners to protect passengers on its plague-ridden subway system.  Scanners that may not actually work.  (MSN)

    The "AI enabled" (because of course) scanners cost around $3000...  Per month.  Each.

    And the company behind them, Evolv, is currently under investigation by the SEC and FTC and being sued by its own shareholders.

    The BBC had its own article on Evolv two years ago.
    "Metallic composition, shape, fragmentation - we have tens of thousands of these signatures, for all the weapons that are out there," chief executive Peter George said last year, "all the guns, all the bombs and all the large tactical knives."

    "Can we test it?" asked research firm IPVM.

    "No way, get fucked, fuck off" came the reply.
    Asked why Evolv had been able to edit what was labelled an independent report, NCS4 told BBC News it "did not allow Evolv to directly edit the report".

    "The 'track changes' feature was used as a means to collect feedback," an official said.  "And to change inconvenient findings.  Don't print that."

Tech News

Disclaimer: You will be required to want AI.

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Sunday, March 31


Daily News Stuff 31 March 2024

Postprismatic Stress Edition

Top Story

  • A little more background on that security disaster that almost was.  (Substack)

    It looks like it started with "social engineering" - a confidence scam - two years ago, with one person attacking the maintainer of the xz utility and another one offering to help, and then actually helping.  That warped over time into slipping more and more suspect code into the package, until they got caught.

    It's a bit of an odd one because it took a lot of care and planning but was guaranteed to get caught and removed if it ever went mainstream.  So it's not a targeted attack on particular groups, and not subtle enough to pass unnoticed long-term.

    If you infect one server you're likely to get away with it, but if you infect every server in the world, there are literally hundreds of honeypot servers set up by security researchers specifically to detect weird stuff like this.

    Purely speculation but I'm wondering if this was North Korea rather than China or Russia.  It looks like the kind of miscalculation they would make.

Tech News

Sasaki and Peeps Opening Credits Video of the Day

Not sure what I expected going into this, but this show goes in every direction at once.  It's no Frieren but it's not objectionable either, and it just got a second season so we won't be left hanging for too long.

I really like the quiet competence of the main character.  He's not out to save the world; he's just trying to do his job, no matter how weird things get.

Disclaimer: I think "Don't care, didn't ask" would make a great state motto.

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Saturday, March 30


A Farewell to Prisms

Prism Project - under the Sony Music umbrella for the past 18 months - will be closing its doors tomorrow, and today is the last day any of the Prism talents will be streaming.

It's been a huge day.  Prism is focused on music which is why Sony was interested in them in the first place, but they don't normally deliver eight new original songs and covers per day.

Here's...  Here's Jinn, the mascot of Sara Nagare, and his kids Shane, Bazza, Dave-O, and Jules, covering The Angels' Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.

Best version of the song.  Sara along with her colleagues Non Anon and Naki Kamizuki are providing the traditional crowd response.


I'm a major fan of Prism - and not just because they have a dangerous concentration of Aussies for such a small agency, though that helps - and I'm sorry to see it go.  Thankfully the talents are almost all staying with it; Sony has handed them their designs and all online accounts, so there's just a short break while payment accounts get sorted out and then they'll be back online.

The exceptions are Kou Tsubame from Gen 5 who will be stepping back from streaming, although her channel will stay up and she'll still be in contact with the rest of the talents, and Naki Kamizuki from Gen 4 who will move away from regular vtubing and pursue other creative forms instead.

From now on if you need to find them, Gen 1 is Cosmia, Gen 3 is Requiem, and Gen 4 is Ever After.  They're working on a new name for the whole group since they can't use "Prism" and they are all planning to continue working together.

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Daily News Stuff 30 March 2024

Almost Oops Edition

Tech News

  • The man who saved the world:  Andres Freund noticed that SSH logins - used by every server in the world - were taking half a second longer than they should.  (Ars Technica)

    He was curious so he poked at it a bit and found the equivalent of the demon core being added for free to every school lunch in the world.

    In essence, had this been done with more care and not caught before it was added to production releases of Linux, a state actor - this is almost certainly the work of some place like China or North Korea - could have had access to everything, everywhere.

    You might be at AWS and have all your services behind a VPN, but that wouldn't help you at all because they'd just need to hack AWS first.

    All the development for this hack was done in public, either by a developer who spent a lot of time building up trust by writing useful code, or by hacking that developer's GitHub account.

    Expect GitHub to force 2FA on all users in short order, even if that wouldn't have prevented this incident.  Every warning sign has a story behind it, and Andres is the Harry Daghlian and Louis Slotin of the age, except that he didn't die of radiation poisoning.

  • However, some not-really-production releases of Linux were impacted.  (CyberKendra)

    Fedora Rawhide and Kali Linux were affected for the past three days.  Arch Linux has been affected for five weeks, and Debian's unstable release seems to be the worst hit, with the new packages added eight weeks ago.

    Fedora 40 Beta might be affected if you set up the test library versions as well as the regular beta libraries.

    AWS Linux is not affected, nor are stable releases like Ubuntu LTS or RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Danger, may contain electrons.

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Friday, March 29


Daily News Stuff 29 March 2024

Griftcoin Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • FuryGPU is completely open-source - including the hardware - and can run Quake at 60 fps.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Not the 2021 version; the 1996 version.  Which would run on most domestic appliances these days.

  • Unless you source your domestic appliances from Russia, where half the CPUs don't work.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Russia, like China, has been cut off from advanced chip production facilities.

    China has its own 14nm production.  That's a long way behind TSMC, Intel, or Samsung, but it's not terrible.

    Russia is still at 90nm.

  • The race to replace Redis.  (LWN)

    Redis isn't a conventional database, but rather a kind of Swiss army chainsaw for short-term data storage and manipulation.  It's extremely useful and justifiably popular and has been included in most Linux distributions for the past decade - and it just stopped being open source.

    So the race is on to replace it because otherwise you won't be able to update to new Linux releases without things breaking.

  • The race to replace VMWare ESXi.  (Serve the Home)

    VMWare ESXi was a free, entry-level version of VMWare's enterprise platform, intended for engineers to run on their own computers so that they could experiment with the software and provide better support.

    VMWare got bought by Broadcom, which appears determined to kill it.

    Proxmox VE can now import and run your VMWare ESXi servers, which solves your problem if you were using it, but does nothing for Broadcom's self-inflicted wounds.

  • Oh, outrageCloud hosting provider Vultr has hastily removed some wording from its terms of service after users noticed.  (The Register)

    The legalese was supposed to grant Vultr rights to reproduce your content that you posted to their online support forums, which is normal because you can't run an online forum without that.

    But the way it was worded made it look like they could just make off with the data on your servers.  Which would be bad.

* Except maybe Robert L. Forward in his work Self-Limiting.**
** He proposed making currency out of plutonium.

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Thursday, March 28


Daily News Stuff 28 March 2024

Sleepfirewalking Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • Amazon is investing another $2.75 billion into AI company Anthropic, developer of Claude.  (CNBC)

    If you haven't heard of Claude you are not alone, but it is a thing that exists.

  • FTX - what's left of it - is selling off most of its stake in Anthropic to raise funds to pay back customers.  (Yahoo Finance)

    FTX misused customer funds to - among other things - buy a $500 million stake in Anthropic.

    That stake is now worth $1.35 billion, and may be the key to FTX customers getting all their money back.

  • There's a mod for that.

    Untamed Wilds adds 24 new animals to Minecraft, with anything up to 17 species of each animal.  (So it counts "Big Cat" as one animal, but it actually includes lions, mountain lions, jaguars, leopards, snow leopards, and tigers.)

    Only problem is it also includes camels, giant pandas, and polar bears, which are already in Minecraft, and the config file doesn't let you turn off individual species.

    Bad Mobs, though, does.  When you load your modpack it automatically generates a config file of all the creatures existing in your game and lets you turn off any of them.

Disclaimer: It's turquoise all the way down.

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Wednesday, March 27


Daily News Stuff 27 March 2024

Strawberry Fields For Never Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • The Lenovo Legion Tab is officially coming to Europe and Asia.  (Lenovo)

    This month.  Better get a move on, because there's not much of this month left.

    Downside is that at 599 Euros the price is not much cheaper than importing the Japanese version.

    On paper though it's a great device, with a 2560x1600 8.8" screen, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.  CPU is a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which has a Cortex X2 as its main core, so it's both recent and fast.

    It includes a microSD slot and two USB-C ports.  Either one can be used for charging, so you can charge while it is connected to a monitor or a headphone adapter (no separate headphone port).

    I'll buy one since there is no real competition.  Not two though, not at that price.

  • I did buy the Asus M1505, the cheaper of the two Asus models I've highlighted recently.

    Ryzen 7730U CPU (8 Zen 3 CPU cores and 8 Vega graphics cores), 16GB of RAM which I'm upgrading to 40GB, 512GB of SSD which I'm upgrading to 2TB, the Four Essential Keys in the form of a three-column numeric keypad - not ideal but better than not having them, and the standout feature, a 15.6" 2880x1620 120Hz OLED display.

    Roughly $1000 as configured.

  • If you have Mac Studio envy the FN60G sold by Topton is basically a shrunk-in-the-wash version.  (Liliputing)

    It's bigger than a regular NUC but still very small; it uses an Intel desktop CPU and a laptop graphics module.  No expansion slots apart from memory and storage, so what you buy it with is all you get.

    Apart from those two memory slots and two M.2 slots, it has two HDMI ports, two DisplayPort ports, one USB-C port which can also drive a display for up to five monitors in total; two 2.5Gbit network ports, and four USB-A ports on the back.  On the front, another two USB-A ports, one USB-C, headphone jack, and a full-size SD card slot.  Which is a pretty good complement of ports for a small system.

    Prices fully configured start around $1000 and go up to $2000, which is not terrible but you can certainly build a regular PC for the same price.

  • No further Minecraft crashes since I disabled the Strawberry Fields in Mystic's Biomes.  Though given the number of new biomes in the modpack (over 200) and the number I've seen during testing (maybe 30) there could be something still lurking.

    It's not entirely happy running in the default 4GB heap, but it certainly runs smoothly with 16GB of RAM, which my original efforts didn't.

    If I don't trip over anything else I'll publish it to Curseforge this weekend.

Disclaimer: Or, as I just noted, a rather nice laptop.

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Tuesday, March 26


And Then There Was Splat

So judging by this crash log, somewhere between the strawberry bushes from Mystic's Biomes, Oculus, Ferrite Core, Better End Island, Immersive Weathering, Serene Seasons, Friends and Foes, and Better Desert Temples, my modpack seems to crash randomly when creating new chunks.

I suspect the culprit is Mystic's Biomes, which would be a shame, but it's not essential.

Update: Mystic's Biomes is on GitHub, so maybe I can help out.

Also, now I seem to have a schrödinbug.

Update: Probably Mystic's Biomes; it had a big update just three days ago. I'll test some more and see if I can report something useful back to the dev. Something more than "one of these 200 mods is breaking my game and I blame you". It's configurable enough that I can turn off just the strawberry fields and see if the bug is specific to that biome.

The current "full" version of the modpack now runs in the default 4GB heap, though I suspect it might run into trouble in more complex regions, since it's hovering around 3.5GB.

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