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Daily News Stuff 21 December 2020

February Edition

Tech News

  • Apple has tied up 80% of TSMC's 5nm cpacity for the next year.  (WCCFTech)

    It's hard to be annoyed by this, because it's Apple's chip purchases to power their overpriced fashion accessories that has funded TSMC's massive expansion over the last decade.

  • Unsurprisingly, AMD will be going 6nm for their next-plus-one generation APUs.  (WCCFTech)

    These will finally bring together Zen 3, Navi 2, DDR5, and PCIe 4.0 on a single chip.  The leaked timeline slots them into H2 2021, but that's likely when production will start, with chips actually arriving in the beginning of 2022.

    In the meantime, AMD will have two mobile parts - Zen 3 with older Vega graphics, or Zen 2 with newer Navi 2 graphics.  I guess they couldn't bring the two designs together in time for their launch schedule.

    The new consoles are also Zen 2 with Navi 2.

  • Life Hack: If you're watching a long Hololive stream, like Gura's gem today building a trident farm and then getting trapped inside her own creation, and it starts to lag, hit F5.  It's likely the culprit is not the stream but the chat.  YouTube chat, built by Google, doesn't work very well in Chrome, built by their fiercest competitors, Google.


  • On February 1 we suggested dropping your phone in molten iron - and your fingers too.

  • On February 2 we reinstalled Windows, celebrated World Palindrome Day, and wondered who the hell was still running mail servers as root.

  • On February 3 we discovered a new Heinlein novel and also a 300GB archive of Flash games, and Google fucked up Chrome, a trend that would grow familiar as the year wore on.

  • On February 4 Intel brought the fight to AMD with a whole bunch of nothin', VMWare doubled their prices, and Twitter leaked everyone's mobile number - which they demanded you provide for security reasons.

    Their security, not yours.

    Oh, and the voting system used in the Iowa Caucuses collapsed under the strain of literally dozens of users.

  • On February 5 we freaked out about online voting and traded new lamps for old.  Well, SSDs anyway.

  • On February 6 Windows Search went down.  You know, the local search that searches locally on your local computer for your local files?  Went down.

  • On February 7 Doctor Who had not yet entirely erased itself from existence, Wacom sent all your data to Google who did who-knows-what with it, and Australia announced a National Blockchain Roadmap which thankfully has gone exactly nowhere.

  • On February 8 we looked at the shiny new Threadripper 3990X, Facebook's Twitter got hacked, everyone's Bluetooth got hacked, and we didn't have permission to shut down our computers.

  • On February 9 Big Tech fucked up its response to new privacy rules, Singapore declared war on Netflix, Congress declared war on the First Amendment, and Birds of Prey was one of the last bombs of 2020 because it was one of the last movies of 2020.

  • On February 10 Mobile World Congress unravelled over WBSDP, benchmarks leaked of AMD's shiny new Ryzen 4000 APUs which are still in short supply, Britain's NHS upgraded to Windows 7, and all the fires around Sydney were put it when we were pummelled with sixteen inches of rain.

    The flatter parts of Sydney - which are far away from where I live - immediately flooded.

  • On February 11 China ruined everything, but in this case specifically Equifax, and some crazy people tested Chrome with 1.5TB of RAM.

  • On February 12 we got 88Mbps and a six-digit IP address, the FTC started poking around Big Tech, and Nvidia's brand new streaming service pretty much died.

  • On February 13 Amii Stewart explained the B550 chipset, a Wordpress plugin that did nothing but display a GDPR cookie message opened sites up to hackers, and blind people don't get schizophrenia, sort of.

  • On February 14 we got a Repairman Jack midquel introducing Srem - yes, the Srem, MacOS Catalina was a total mess, the DoJ whacked Huawei, and the British Police warned us about the terrifying dangers of Discord.

  • On February 15 Twitter ran an ad for a human organ market, Betelgeuse again completely failed to explode, and why everyone is crazy.

  • On February 16 Linux patched the Y2K038 bug, and and Getty Photos get hit with a billion dollar countersuit for being retards.

  • On February 17 I was apparently really busy, but 10th gen Intel CPUs launched along with Cream of Bat soup.

  • On February 18 it was still raining, idiots tried to trademark the word "did", and a new device generated electricity from humidity gradients.

  • On February 19 we first noted the Journalists for Censorship movement, the continuing Police for Censorship movement, and also the Facebook for Censorship movement, and Docker and Razer broke each other's software by shipping identical bugs.

  • On February 20 we noted the pipe wrench vulnerability in Bitcoin, why repealing Section 230 won't help - this was before we decided that it should be done anyway just to watch the fuckers squirm, Google went full woke and never recovered, and ICANN decided to try using the internet.

  • On February 21 Repairman Jack also switched to DuckDuckGo - the internal chronology of the books is, um, interesting, everyone reviewed the Fractal Design Define 7, and it was time for PCIe 5.0.  Also an AI found new antibiotics that work on multi-drug-resistant bacteria.

  • On February 22 it had always been AWS, it was time for PCIe 6.0, Nvidia's new streaming service died some more, and someone put 68 billion melodies into the public domain.  Which, given the structure of music, is all of them.

  • On February 23 Samsung started 7nm production, Google got pissy with Microsoft, and the Star Trek transporter doesn't kill you and then recreate you - it kills and recreates everyone else in the entire universe.

  • On February 24 Sony announced the Xperia 1 II, Docker was the solution to - and cause of - all our deployment problems, and KidCraft RFID tagged your children.

  • On February 25 the Xbox Series X should be nice if it ever arrives, the announcements from the cancelled Mobile World Congress trickled out and we discovered that the whole event would have been pointless anyway, Intel panicked and slashed prices on server CPUs, and the leaked specs for what became the 6900 XT were mostly wrong.

  • On February 26 the Smithsonian released 2.8 million photos into the public domain, Microsoft tried to force you to use an online log in to access your own computer, and we took a look at the Nintendo PlayStation.  Yes, really.

  • On February 27 fuck Node.js anyway, I took my Xperia tablet out of its box, Hynix said that the leaked specs for what became the 6900 XT were mostly wrong, TikTok sucked, and your browser was spying on you unless it was Brave in which case it had its own problems.

  • On February 28 China ruined everything, but in this case specifically the products of their joint venture with AMD, the Raspberry Pi got an extra gig of RAM, and Google Play and Apple's App Store came in fourth and fifth in mobile app store rankings.

  • And on February 29 I fixed my Xperia Z3 tablet and my Endless Frontier login, hydrogen power was stupid, Go was slowly morphing into Node.js, Node.js was slowly morphing into Nyarlathotep, Amii Stewart returned, and so did Isaac Asimov.

Disclaimer: I can't believe my little elder god can be this cute.

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1 Have you finally joined the tentacult, Pixy???

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tuesday, December 22 2020 07:06 AM (Bkp4m)

2 If Apple's dependence on TSMC leads to a few of the rich and powerful in the US and the world realizing the importance of an independent Taiwan, I would consider that a fair trade.

Posted by: cxt217 at Tuesday, December 22 2020 08:01 AM (4i7w0)

3 Timmy the Fruit is Xi's stooge, though.  I mean, the only reason Apple is using Taiwan's fabs is that the commies can't manage 5nm yet.  Steal a little tech, set up some fabs run by slave-labour and Apple will cut ties with TSMC so fast it'll make your head spin.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, December 22 2020 09:38 AM (obo9H)

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