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Daily News Stuff 6 February 2020

Faster Better Cheaper Edition

Tech News

  • Samsung is shipping LPDDR5 RAM with speeds up to 6.4Gbps.  (AnandTech)

    This is initially aimed at phones, but is good news few the new generation of mobile APUs with more powerful integrated graphics.  Intel and AMD both support LPDDR4x at speeds up to 4.266 Gbps, and this will provide 50% more bandwidth than even that.

  • What in the world is the Intel CC150?  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's an 8 core / 16 thread part with no turbo boost, locked at 3.5GHz.  That means single-threaded performance suffers, but multi-threaded performance matches the i7-9700K while power draw matches the much slower i5-9500.

    This points to it being a part for small servers for a large customer, that has somehow leaked out onto Chinese markets.

  • Don't post people's private information to Twitter you idiots.  (TechDirt)

    This is not Twitter screwing up, this is the reporter whose account was suspended screwing up.

    If you have a news story that involves leaked private information, post a link to the news story, not the leaked private information.

  • Twitter for iPad now lets you turn off that annoying search column unless it doesn't.  (WCCFTech)

    For browser users, you can hide it using the block element feature of AdBlock Plus.  Makes the Twitter UI much more bearable.  Does nothing to fix the content though.

  • Don't use Alpine Linux for Docker images of Python apps.  (PythonSpeed)

    Not that I was planning to, but it can increase the time to build a new image from 30 seconds to 25 minutes.

    And also break your app.  That too.

  • Windows Search went down due to a networking problem at Bing.  (The Verge)

    I first saw this story and said - what?  How?

    Then I realised they meant that horrible search function in the Windows taskbar, which I have permanently disabled on all my computers.  Not file search.

Disclaimer: Blame it on the woogie.

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