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Daily News Stuff 10 February 2020

Beware The Ides Of November Edition

Tech News

  • Nvidia is the latest company to pull out of MWC over Corona-chan.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Actually, it looks like Sony is the latest to withdraw; that Tom's Hardware story is several hours old.

    Others not appearing in this film include Amazon, Ericsson, LG, and ZTE.

  • Speaking of Corona-chan, did the Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague actually show up in November?  (U of T News)

    An epidemiological paper from the University of Toronto, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, says China's official numbers don't make any sense unless the starting date was actually weeks earlier.

    This holds true even if they're fudging the official numbers.

  • Leaked benchmarks of the 15W Ryzen 4500U and of the 35W Asus-only Ryzen 4800HS indicate that these chips are pretty good unless they aren't.  (WCCFTech)

    The mobile 4800HS outruns a desktop 2700X or 3600 - not to mention intel's 9700K.  And it seems it's not even the high-end part - there are 4900H and HS parts yet to appear.

    Oh, and Asus has only a six month exclusivity agreement on the HS parts - they will be available to other vendors later this year.  But given how rapidly AMD are iterating right now, six months might as well be a million billion years.

  • In a stunning revelation, hundreds of thousands of NHS computers have already been updated to Windows 7.  (ZDNet)

    Reportedly 463,784 are running Windows 7 with extended support, 587,531 are running Windows 10, and 318,000 are running "something but we're not sure quite what".

  • Liquid hydrogen is a crappy fuel.  (The Guardian)

    This is pointless.  But hey, it's his half-a-billion dollars.

  • So, it rained.  (BBC)

    About 400mm - 16 inches - of rain here in Sydney over the past four days, and it has extended in a wide swathe the length of the New South Wales coast.  The Gosper's Mountain Fire north-west of Sydney, which has been burning since October and has consumed 5000km2 - about two Luxembourgs - is finally out.

    And Sydney's water supply, down to only two years' worth as of last week has been topped up by a full year already with more on its way as the water makes its way into the streams feeding the various dams in Sydney's south and south-west.  (The Guardian)

    Which means - you guessed it - floods.  (Daily Mail)

    Not near me, fortunately.  Northern Sydney is many things, but flood-prone is not one of them, since the entire region is on a 45° degree angle, often in multiple directions at once.

    We still need more rain in the interior, though.  This event has drenched everything up to and including the Great Dividing Range but west of that has seen only scattered rainfall.

Disclaimer: Splish splash I was taking a walk...

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