Tuesday, February 18


Daily News Stuff 18 February 2020

What Katy Din't Edition

Tech News

  • Some idiots think they have a copyright on the word "did".  (Torrentfreak)

    Not even a trademark, which might be narrowly defensible.

    Oh, and Google just shrugged and complied with the takedown notice.

  • Behold the Opiomat.  (The Guardian)

    In every town - nay, every village - surcease from, well, pretty much everything when you stop breathing.

  • Mike Godwin - yes, that Godwin - on what early internet activists, including himself, got wrong.  (Slate)

    They worried about the government.  They worried about big corporations locking internet access up for themselves.  They didn't worry about people being given exactly what they asked for.

  • A new device can turn humidity into electricity.  (Ars Technica)

    If they'd brought one of those to Sydney the week before the drought broke, they could have powered the entire country.

    Technically it doesn't work on humidity but on humidity gradients - just like any other energy source, it's not the absolute value but the difference between two points that matters.

  • Speaking of humidity, two weeks ago Sydney's water supply was down to two years - a little over 40% capacity.  It's now up to 80% and it's still raining.  (Water NSW)

    In fact, I just now had to mop a pool of water out of my front hall.  My roof doesn't leak and there's a full flight of stairs up to my front deck; there was just that much rain coming down that inside was the path of least resistance.

Disclaimer: Which anime had the teru teru bozu closing theme?  Oh, Jungle Guu Final.  Huh.  Been a while since I watched that.

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