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Sunday, February 11


Daily News Stuff 11 February 2024

Always Two There Are Edition

Top Story

  • California is looking to ban plastic shopping bags.  (SF Standard)

    Didn't they already do that, you ask?

    Well, not quite.  A decade ago, the state banned those flimsy single-use shopping bags stores gave away for free, permitting only heavier, more expensive, reusable shopping bags.

    This quite predictably increased the amount of waste, so they're going to do it again.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Mostly dead is still partly alive.

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Saturday, February 10


Daily News Stuff 10 February 2024

Redemonetisation Edition

Top Story

  • More like this, perhaps: The Frame smart glasses from Brilliant Labs are augmented-reality goggles that don't look like your head is being eaten by a coconut crab.  (The Verge)

    At $349 and 40 grams they're one tenth the price and one fifteenth the weight of Apple's Vision Pro.  They're about the size and weight of regular eyeglasses, and you can add prescription lenses for an extra $99.

    The shortcoming is that the AR display is only 640x400 and covers a small part of your vision, but that's really what you want when you're actually using them in everyday life.  Just a little area that can show you an urgent message, or directions to where you're headed, or identify the snake that just bit you because you were looking at the AR display rather than where you were walking.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I lost my health insurance in a freak database accident.

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Friday, February 09


Daily News Stuff 9 February 2024

Marmots R Us Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: Gah.

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Thursday, February 08


Daily News Stuff 8 February 2024

Freebirds Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Tech and Vtuber News Collides

Disclaimer: Zaion was right.

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Wednesday, February 07


Daily News Stuff 7 February 2024

Pirate Waifu Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: Ahoy.

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Tuesday, February 06


Daily News Stuff 6 February 2024

In The Year 3535 Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • Oh, were you using that?  Facebook is deprecating its Groups API.   (Tech Crunch)

    If you use that to maintain communication with customers, well, it's gonna be dead in three months.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • The new Barnes & Noble Nook 9" is a Lenovo Tab M9.  (Liliputing)

    The problem is, the Tab M9 has a low-resolution, 1340x800 display, about the same as the original 2012 model of the Nexus 7.  The hardware is far better than that old tablet in every other respect - four times the RAM and storage, and probably ten times the CPU performance - but the screen is just plain inadequate.

  • There's probably more news somewhere. 

Return of the Dragonbird Video of the Day After Tomorrow

Dokibird had around 10k subscribers yesterday.  Now it's 245K and still climbing.  That's an even faster rise than Kson.

Disclaimer: Maybe.

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Monday, February 05


Daily News Stuff 5 February 2024

Electric Jeep Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Not At All Tech News

  • As everyone was expecting, Nijisanji has fired Selen Tatsuki.  (Twitter)

    Well, some were still hoping she'd be allowed to graduate, but the company's handling of the situation has been utterly graceless.

    Selen is the third Niji EN talent to announce their departure this year, and it's barely February.

    She's @dokibird on Twitter if you want to know where she lands.

    Usually talents departing major agencies are anything from somewhat coy about their other accounts (Coco) to downright secretive (Sana), but Selen never been the retiring type.

When You Give a Gun a Monkey Video of the Day

I've mentioned the game Palworld several times, mostly in the context of the usual leftwing lunatics being outraged and trying to organise a boycott, and the game going on to sell trillions of copies a day.

It's been described as Pokemon with guns, and there are countless articles discussing the similarity of its "Pals" to Pokemon.

Instead, let's take a look at the guns.

Also, I didn't know gaming websites still made content like this.  Full marks to GameSpot.

Disclaimer: Whoa, okay, we just shot out animal friend at the enemy.  Why did we do that?
Because you can.

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Sunday, February 04


Daily News Stuff 4 February 2024

Bring Me Everything Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: Cake!

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Saturday, February 03


Daily News Stuff 3 February 2024

Down And Out In Zuckerland Edition

Top Story

  • Looks like we can't count Mark Zuckerberg out just yet: Facebook's market cap grew by $200 billion.  (Yahoo Finance)

    In one day.

    I don't use Facebook - not anymore.  But there's no denying that an awful lot of people do use it.

Tech News

  • Infinite Craft is a fun little word-based crafting game.  (Neal.Fun)

    You start with four words: Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth, and from there you have to create everything, by dragging words from the right onto the main screen and then on top of other words.

    Some things are simple and obvious: Water + Fire = Steam.

    Others are more subtle: Snake + Death = Cleopatra, and Moses + Barbecue = Burning Bush.

    Still others are way out there: Behead + Reincarnation = Chicken.

    If you get a word or phrase that no-one has ever found before, it shows up with a "First Discovery" tag.  I'm proud to be the first to discover Gnorc - the creatures from the game Spyro the Dragon - and The Amazing Surfing Nun On Fire.

  • Another day, another recall.  Today it's the Bambu Ai 3d printer.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This one can short circuit and deincarnate your chicken, so best do as they say.

  • Running your Ryzen 8700G with DDR5-10346 RAM can improve performance even more.  (WCCFTech)

    Seriously just buy a video card if you're that concerned about performance.

  • Maybe Nvidia's "new" 6GB RTX 3050.  (WCCFTech)

    When I first saw this, I thought, oh, did they take the 3060, halve the RAM, maybe downclock it a bit, but keep the 192-bit memory bus, and sell it at a cheaper price?

    Because that would make a decent card.

    No.  They did not do that.

    They took the 3050, which had a 128-bit memory bus, and reduced it to 96 bits.

    That does not make a decent card...  But is still faster than the built-in graphics on a Radeon 8700G.  After all, it has about 50% more memory bandwidth (graphics card RAM runs about twice as fast as CPU RAM) and doesn't need to share it with the CPU.

  • Google is officially killing its cached pages feature in search results - about five years after it stopped working.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's a bit like Ford announcing it is planning to stop selling the Edsel.  In 2024.

Disclaimer: Apocalypse + Barbecue = Aporkalypse.

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Friday, February 02


Daily News Stuff 2 February 2024

We Can Recall It For You Wholesale Edition

Top Story

  • Total Pixy Recall: Snap has issued a recall of every Pixy.  (The Verge)

    More specifically, they are recalling the Pixy battery, but since they are recalling the Pixy battery because it catches fire, they very much do not want you to send back the battery.

    They want you to send back the Pixy, without the battery, although the Pixy itself is perfectly fine and it's the battery that's the problem.

Tech News

  • Pairing the new Ryzen 8700G with DDR5-9000 memory increases performance by 15%.  (Guru3D)

    Moving from DDR5-6400 to 8000 already doubles the price, and I couldn't find DDR5-9000 for sale at all.

    Pairing the slightly cheaper Ryzen 7700 with a Radeon 6600 would cost no more and would deliver around twice the graphics performance.

    The 7800G is a good all-rounder chip if you mostly use your computer for work with some occasional light gaming.  If you care about that extra 15% of graphics performance, just buy a graphics card.

  • Speaking of memory, you can now add 256GB of RAM to regular Intel desktop systems except you can't.  (WCCFTech)

    64GB memory modules should be here soon, but right now it's just a check box on the motherboard feature list.

  • Speaking of check boxes on motherboard feature lists, it seems that Intel started supporting ECC memory - two years ago.

    The Core i5 12500 and up, 13500 and up, and 14500 and up all support ECC RAM, both with DDR4 and DDR5.

    Finding a motherboard that enables that support is harder, but Gigabyte looks to be a good bet.  Several of their motherboards, again both DDR4 and DDR5 models, enable ECC.

  • There's another security vulnerability in GitLab.  (Tech Radar)

    This one is marked critical, but it's a privilege escalation bug, so it only applies to users who are already logged in to your GitLab server.

Disclaimer: 256GB should be enough for anybody.

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