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Wednesday, March 31


2009 Supernatural Schoolgirls In Anime?

Need a name for my latest toy:


Well, either a supernatural schoolgirl or a moeblob.  My desktops are Haruhi, Yurie, Nagi and Tanarotte, and for the next desktop I'll probably skip back to Shana.  My old notebook is Potemayo.  My file servers are Pepper and Salt and will be joined by Sugar as soon as the LaCie 5big Network 2 ships.

Were there any chugakusei or joshikosei kami in 2009 at all?

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Aaah Migraine!

Shmmiering lights!  Can't see!  (Walks into wall..)  Oe!  I mean, ow!  Cna't see, can't type...

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Sunday, March 28


Waddle Waddle!




Thanks Wonderduck.  I'm going to have this song stuck inside my head for weeks.  Clearly the only cure is to inflict it on everyone I know.

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I'll Take A Dozen Gross

An ad from the provider I'll be getting the next server from:
- Pentium D 930 (NOTE, WE ONLY HAVE 10 of these)
1x500GB HDD
100,000GB Bandwidth
Price: $133.65 /month - free setup
Yes, that's the correct number of zeroes. smile

I'll be keeping the main system on the current hardware, and using one of these (actually a somewhat larger model, but the same bandwidth) to offload bulk content (podcasts, videos, file downloads, media streams) automatically via Minx.  That essentially erases my bandwidth worries for the next five years.

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Saturday, March 27


After The Steppe Cat, What?

So three series that I have been enjoying immensely are drawing to a close: Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu, for which I held some misgivings that proved quite unwarranted; Sora no Woto, which I was willing to watch on the basis of it being merely K-On Goes to War, but which quite exceeded my expectations, and Kimi ni Todoke, carried over from last season, which transcends not merely genre but time and space and is in fact the pinnacle of all human achievement past and future.


Next season?  We have K-On! 2, which I'll certainly watch; if it's just more moe-blobs making music that's fine with me.  And there's...  There's...  Okay, KimiTodo was a surprise, and there's usually a surprise every season, but I'm just not seeing it at this point.

At least Mythbusters is back on.

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Sora No Woto - Fin

I don't really have much to add to THAT's excellent review (not as awesome as their KimiTodo reviews, but still very good).

K-On Goes to War certainly broke free from its assigned stereotype, and though it went a little wobbly now and then (including in this final episode), it's a fine little series and well worth watching.  Three supernatural schoolgirls out of four.*

* May not contain any actual supernatural schoolgirls.

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Kimi Ni Todoke - Fin?

Perfect ending.

Five supernatural schoolgirls out of four.


Wait, there's more?  YAY!

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Friday, March 26


Multiple Stupids

There are reports all over the place about AMD's upcoming Opteron X12 processor, which is desgined for 2- and 4-socket motherboards and has 12 cores (except when it doesn't).

The same quote appears over and over:
Provantage is taking orders for Opteron X12 6100 series chips that run at clock speeds between 1.7GHz and 2.4GHz. The chips have 12 cores, with 16MB or 18MB of cache, and draw between 65 watts and 105 watts of power.
Which means that no-one has bothered to think about it.

The X12 (codenamed Magny-Cours) is two Istanbul chips in a single package with an internal HyperTransport link,  providing four memory channels and four external HT links.  Istanbul, which is based on the desktop Phenom II, has 512K of L2 cache per core and shared 6MB of L3 cache.

What that means is that a 12-core processor will have 18MB total cache.

Those 16MB processors are 8-core.  So far as I can tell, no-one has noticed that.

Which leaves the question of why they hell are they called X12 processors when they're really X8?

Update: Oh, yeah, the reason I wrote this is that the cheapest of the X12 chips runs at 2GHz and costs $293.  That would be incredbily cheap for a quad-socket 12-core CPU, even one that runs at 2GHz.  Those chips commonly run to thousands of dollars.  But it's really only an 8-core CPU, which is just terribly disappointing...  Okay, actually, it's still pretty amazing value.  If quad-core motherboards turn out to be affordable (and they could be, because they won't require any special glue logic) then you can build a very nice 32-core system for not a lot of money.

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Wednesday, March 24


Kannagi Update

Finally went back and finished watching Kannagi; in fact, it's been so long that I simply started again from the beginning.  Caught up on the final episodes last night while baby-sitting a new server.

It went in a different direction from what I was expecting, and was a bit uneven overall, but still earns three supernatural schoolgirls out of four.  (By comparison, Shana and Haruhi each get 3.5, and Kamichu! gets 5.)

The ending itself wasn't as strong as it might have been - again, uneven - but the very last bit, with Tsugumi, was perfect.

Well worth a watch.  A level 2 teenage angst warning applies.

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Tuesday, March 23



Blibble blubble frooble fruzz.

(Falls over.)


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