Dear Santa, thank you for the dolls and pencils and the fish. It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you but... honest, it is an emergency. There's a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it's just an ordinary crack, but I know its not cause at night there's voices so... please please can you send someone to fix it? Or a policeman, or...
Back in a moment.
Thank you Santa.

Friday, February 04


Daddy Took The T-Bird Away

What a fun week it's been, what with the tile coming off the roof and the ensuing two days of heavy rain - and don't try to tell me that's not cause and effect - and with the Munuserver getting whipsawed between the hackers who wanted to use it as a spam relay and the ones who just wanted to kill it completely, and me with a bill run to get out and our customer service system deciding to make a bid to become poster boy for the GIGO principle, and at the same time having to work out why someone three thousand kilometres away with no internet access doesn't seem to have Outlook Express installed on her notebook. I should have known it was going to be one of those weeks when I started it by falling down the stairs on Monday morning and winding up with third-degree bruises to 110% of my body.*

Oh, and I'm still trying to recover from the three disk failures I had two weeks back.

Let's not do this again real soon, okay?

* Yes, 110%. I have aches where I didn't know I even had places.

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