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A note about music choices: April was when my life started to get seriously crazy with the packing and cleaning and arranging finance and all that nonsense, and I stopped including music videos each day.  With no selection to harvest I've just grabbed a random assortment of Hololive music clips, ranging from great performances to fun songs to two girls doing karaoke at a sleepover.

  • On April 1 CNN+ announced limited edition NFTs - less limited than the network itself as it turned out, quis scamodiet ipsos custodes, Google's new spam API, and finding Earendel.

  • On April 2 GitLab's default password oopsie, Sabrent's 8TB SSD, the EU's proposed terrible horrible no good very bad blockchain legislation, and this is not Twitter and we are not Scottish.

  • On April 3 I think it's defaulting to utf8mb4 instead of utf8mb3, UnDune II is Dune II for the Pico 8, American Express's bad day, and brouillard.

  • On April 4 the house that got away, the internet was exactly what we thought it was, the teapot calling the other teapot a teapot, and Facebook doing Facebook things.

  • On April 5 Elon Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter, AMD's new Ryzen 5000 models, GitHub's automatic default password detector, and MailChimp's bad day.

  • On April 6 the reboot was a success but the server died, Twitter was adding an edit button maybe, $50 billion worth of video cards, $1 worth of EV charging stations, and Elon Musk joined the board of Twitter.

  • On April 7 the house that didn't get away, Australia reinforcement data quantum priority roadmap, Atlassian's two bad days, fuck you Lenovo, and a delightfully dull gaming laptop from Asus.

  • On April 8 here comes the rain again, offer accepted, Threadripper Pro headed toward retail, and Twitter tried and failed to change how deleted embedded tweets appeared.

  • On April 9 an 8 port USB-C adaptor, Twitter experimented with autodethreadistration, wifi-enabled spanners, and the W boson was 0.1% overweight.

  • On April 10 GitHub's supply chain vulnerability detector could tell you stuff like hey GitHub is down, going back to Windows 10, and recursive popcorn.

  • On April 11 turning Twitter's HQ into a homeless shelter, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 broke opening weekend records - for a video game movie, staying on Windows 10, and TVs sucked.

  • On April 12 Pinterest went full climate Nazi, Intel moved up 18A to 2024, and 3D poop detection - Facebook uploading optional.

  • On April 13 Atlassian's bad, um, two weeks, update every Git, do not hose out your Honda Element, and adding an eGPU to a Steam Deck.

  • On April 14 contracts exchanged, dinnerware bought, ISPs replaed, the 3090 Ti was here yet again, Zero Nines Uptime, and the Gambler's Fallacy isn't always.

  • On April 15 Elon Musk launched his takeover bid for MySpace I think it was, the first PCIe 6 chips showed up, GitHub's tiny $127 million billing hiccup, and the almost perfect laptop that of course isn't available in Australia.

  • On April 16 Twitter chose suicide rather than be taken over by Elon Musk, what happened at Atlassian, TSMC expected 2nm in late 2025, Russia expected 28m in late 2030, and the Phase Invaders.

  • On April 17 communists bad, journalists worse, the average lead time for semiconductors exceeded six months, the only good Russian was a radioactive Russian, and the only good GitHub was self-hosted GitLab.

  • On April 18 Dell's CAMM was maybe not entirely awful, Sapphire Rapids blah blah blah they're still not out yet, and our new robot chef overlords.

  • On April 19 web scraping was legal, stealing crypto wallets via iCloud backup, new universe who dis, and more Sapphire Rapids blah blah.

  • On April 20 Brave browser bypassed AMP, fuck Lenovo, upgrading a 4TB PostgreSQL database the hard way, and QNAP again.

  • On April 21 commies destroy Marmite, AMD's upcoming Phoenix laptop chips could have double the graphics performance of Rembrandt (which would make them faster than the Xbox Series S), GitHub did bad things, and Insteon was Insteoff.

  • On April 22 Elon Musk had $46.5 billion in committed financy ready to buy Bebo or something, Russia sanctioned everybody, Dunning Kruger wasn't autocorrelation, and QNAP again.

  • On April 23 Netflix planned to try sucking less, China committed fully to economic implosion as the only way forward, I found 128GB of RAM, MongoDB 5 didn't run on Ubuntu 22.04, and books in libraries.

  • On April 24 my supermarket had a mochi aisle, how to delete the EFI system partition and how to fix your computer after deleting the EFI system partition and breaking it, Atlassian - not down this time, just hacked, and the Apple cable conspiracy.

  • On April 25 moving Disney World to New York City, Ryzen 7000 would be DDR5 only - and is, and Twitter's board of directors forgot Rule One of Holes.

  • On April 26 Elon Musk bought Twitter and I offered my own checklist of what he needed to do - which he did, Elon Musk bought Twitter and the usual suspects had a meltdown - which we enjoyed, Elon Musk bought twitter and free speech experts were worried about the prospect of free speech, and Elon Musk bought Twitter but we would have to wait six months for the Great Defenestration to commence.

  • On April 27 the left broke out in hives at the prospect of free speech, I told Elon to close all of Twitter's European offices immediately and again it was good advice, the Erie Railroad War of 1869, and I couldn't come to work because (checks clay tablet) a scorpion bit me while I was brewing beer.

  • On April 28 we precelebrated the inevitable firing of Vijaya Gadde, Coca-Cola, now with 3.5 grams of cocaine in every - hmm - approximately eight gallons, everything but the kitchen sink and the four essential keys, and fucking QNAP again.

  • On April 29 all declarations are crap unless they involve cannons, not QNAP this time, Qualcomm planned a chip that didn't suck, and Amazon lost $3.8 billion, half of it on free shipping to my place.

  • On April 30 the FBI was the second largest organised criminal gang in the world, don't hire communists you idiots, fuck China twice, and no, you're just idiots.

Disclaimer: First Rule of Holes: When in one, don't fill it with gasoline and strike a match.

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