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  • Intel's P-series laptop chips were a mistake.  (The Verge)

    Actually, the 12th-generation U series with only two full-sized cores was the mistake.  That mistake is why the P series needed to be created, and that is what led to lousy battery life in the current generation of notebooks.

    The author of the article thinks the U series is the perfect balance of battery life and lack of power.  The author of the article doesn't use any software more sophisticated than Notepad.

  • Ceci n'est pas une NAS.  (Serve the Home)

    It's got 22 drive bays and four network ports.  Pretty sure it is, guys.

  • Need to emulate a PDP-8?  An HP3000?  A Data General Nova?  OpenSIMH has you covered.  (GitHub)

    I'm not sure how many classic minicomputers this emulates but it hits most of the popular ones - including at least 19 variants of the VAX.

  • No shit, Sherlock: Elon Musk was looking for a CEO for Twitter even before posting the poll asking if he should step down.  (The Verge)

    What tipped you off, genius?  His regular posts saying he was looking for a CEO for Twitter?  Him publicly offering the job to someone?


  • On March 1 Ukrain got internet access, Australia lost internet access, and Toyota shut down 28 production lines just in time.
  • On March 2 hackers hacked, chips benched, drives driven, and smaller, faster, cheaper - pick at most one.
  • On March 3 UCIe was PCIe for chips - which PCIe is also for, caching in on Nvidia's next generation, and Apple announced an announcement.

  • On March 4 don't mention the war, a good $143 CPU, and a twelve core NUC, sort of.
  • On March 5 in the only intelligent move the country made all year Russia banned Twitter and Facebook, the FCC cracked down on crap, the great neon shortage, and Western Digital's new NAS drives were kind of useless for NASes.
  • On March 6 the Flow 13 didn't, Threadripper 5000 did, our ovens were full of eels, and we explained vtubers (though not Haachama).

  • On March 7 Ryoko was on the loose, Nvidia launched the 3090 Ti - again, Australia introduced garbage internet legislation, and Russia was basically fucked.
  • On March 8 the Asus Vivobook Pro 15 OLED scored a resounding Meh, Britain approved production of modular nuclear reactors, and dirty pipes ruined everyone's day.
  • On March 9 Apple's Mac Studio arrived, and a new iPad, and that monitor turned out to be less insanely expensive than feared but still insanely expensive.

  • On March 10 I found another house I ended up not buying, cPanel announced support for Ubuntu, and Congress gave literally dozens of dollars to NASA for its new Moon program.
  • On March 11 things do not go according to keikaku at Polygon, Apple as planning a new Mac Mini - which still has not made an appearance, and someone dumped 800GB of Russian internet regulator Rozkozmozdanoz's files onto the internet.
  • On March 12 it didn't rain for three entire days, Russia also banned Instagram so that was two smart things, Axios was garbage, so was Lenovo, so was Twitter but that was nothing new, and Tether got shorted.

  • On March 13 the fastest CPU in the world was from AMD - again, plugging the Pi Pico into your C64, and the freezer framed us.
  • On March 14 somebody sneezed and global electronics manufacturing hub Shenzhen went into lockdown, and anti-spam measures that simply create new types of spam.
  • On March 15 Microsoft was adding ads to everything - again, QNAP - again, Twitter undid the most recent stupid thing they did - again, a privilege escalation bug in Linux - again, and Google denied doing what it was doing - still.

  • On March 16 China could catch up with Intel by 2025 - if Intel got hit by an asteroid and set back 20 years, the goggles did nothing, and AMD introduced the 5800X3D, which despite subsequent launches from AMD and Intel is still perhaps the fastest gaming CPU available.
  • On March 17 graphics cards got very slightly cheaper, hybrid atoms were surprisingly normal, and okay then, that was always allowed.
  • On March 18 inside the Mac Meh-ni, Apple's M1 Ultra showed the future of chip design within a single very specific niche, no ragrats, China went double plus Orwell, and the EU issued a formal complaint that Microsoft's datacenters weren't on fire.

  • On March 19 we got some retrospective perspective on graphics card prices, how Zillow didn't get its groove back, Node.js was a disaster - again, the win that wasn't, and Minnesota banned Haachama.
  • On March 20 it took longer to complete a single environmental impact study than it did to build an entire subway line in 1904, the 3090 Ti was extremely not worth it, and a new grand unified field theory explained both gravity and Twitter.
  • On March 21 sleeping with the light on killed people, where sleeping with the light off merely meant the monster under the bed would eat your feet, DRAMless and QLC was a match made in Hell, half of Shenzhen half left lockdown, and a possibly radioactive 3D printer.

  • On March 22 the internet was back on, a new experiment t detect dark matter conclusively showed nothing, and don't buy an iPad, not even the 27" model.
  • On March 23 I found the house I wanted - and failed to get, the promise was a lie, inattentive idiots had a bad day, and the creator of Ethereum dissed the ugly monkey JPEG crowd.
  • On March 24 another one that got away, "stablecoin" Cashio lost 99.995% of its value overnight because oops, Apple's new 20 core CPU was nearly as fast as AMD's 12 core model, just buy the EXOS, Node developers were idiots, and I finally got the opportunity to upgrade my internet - sometime after I would be moving to a new house with faster internet anyway.

  • On March 25 LAPSU$ Darknesss was arrested, Nestle wasn't hacked - they were just dumb, another reminder of just how bad graphics card prices were, and Pipkin Pippa went house hunting - with a .30-06.
  • On March 26 the New York Times published something egregiously stupid about crypto which was set to become a theme for the year, the EU regulated stuff that it couldn't regulate, and don't make your Redis nodes public. Just don't.
  • On March 27 air-cooled SSDs, Baldur's Gate 3 might not suck - if it ever gets finished, and the Ubuntu story that wasn't.

  • On March 28 we explored the house of minus seven doors, the Salton Sea contained enough lithium to stabilise almost half of San Francisco, and slow down to speed up - not just for orbital mechanics anymore.
  • On March 29 a pretty good motherboard, MIT planted a fresh crop of morons (and not the fun kind), and the car dealership did it.
  • On March 30 Axie Infinity's crypto platform got hacked and thieves stole $620 million, what price 1km of CAT5, HP's FX900 Pro SSD didn't suck but Ubiquiti did, and Sydney acquired sandworms.

  • On March 31 YouTube added 100 free TV shows that you couldn't find, phenylephrine didn't work, and QNAP again.

Disclaimer: The Radeon 7900 XT might seem expensive, but it is the same price the base Radeon 6800 was in March.  Which is, and was, well, expensive.  Not sure where I was going with this.  Burma Shave.

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1 I guess in that Verge author's world, the business world hasn't been transitioning to mostly laptops for years, so he hasn't considered the case of people who use one, but mainly only at their desk at the office (or WFH.)

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, December 23 2022 12:04 AM (BMUHC)

2 Well, at $7k USD (unpopulated, I assume), I don't think I'm going to be getting a 22-drive NAS for the home any time soon.

Posted by: normal at Friday, December 23 2022 01:12 AM (LADmw)

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