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Daily News Stuff 23 December 2020

Begun The Fast Food Console Wars Have Edition

Tech News

  • So, this happened.

    Then this happened.

    Then this happened.

    And yes, it's real.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The hardware is an Intel NUC 9 Extreme with unspecified Nvidia graphics in a customised Cooler Master case.

    And it really does have a bay for keeping chicken warm.

  • Helpful tricks for Nim programmers.  (John Novak)

    Some of these are obvious if you're familiar with C, others are more specific to the language, compiler, or operating system, like how to bundle a default icon into a Windows executable.

  • The SEC is suing Ripple for selling unregistered securities.  (Axios)

    Ripple is a blockchain designed for financial transactions, and uses a core currency - Ripple, or XRP - to charge transaction fees (which are tiny).  That part is fine, but they way they managed availability of XRP to boost the nominal assets of the company has got them into hot water.

    It will be interesting how this plays out because all the major blockchains have done this.

  • Hololive is back from the big festival.  I was almost at a point where I would have had to look for something to watch, rather than deciding which things I didn't have time to watch.

    Now it's stay up late to catch Haachama live, or get up at a normal time and watch Ina, Nene, and Polka live.  Sorry, Haachama, I caught your earlier stream with Coco, and I'll catch your stream with Amelia on Christmas Day.  And once again, that's just Minecraft.  I can't keep up with their English-language Minecraft content.

    Haachama's thumbnails are a thing of beauty and a joy forever.


  • On April 1 the Atlantic embraced fascism, Samsung stopped making LCDs, and Xerox didn't buy HP.

  • On April 2 96TB of RAID storage landed on my doorstep, Zoom was a disaster, and Intel announced Comet Lake H to and adoring audience of no-one.

  • On April 3 everything was worse than we thought, Netflix was streaming 4K - at 240p, Zoom was a disaster, and Threadripper go whoosh.

  • On April 4 LXD 4 arrived, Caddy 2 RC1 arrived - along with a completely incompatible config file format, Redis 6 RC3 arrived, Zoom was a disaster, Intel's mobile chips used more power than AMD's desktop chips, and 15,000 insecure Elasticsearch servers bit the dust.

  • On April 5 we ran out of COBOL programmers, and don't bind services directly to  Maybe that's why we're running out of COBOL programmers.

  • On April 6 we got DNS over Wikipedia, SEO ruined everything for a change, and New York banned Zoom, the last intelligent action by the city for the entire year, and they reversed that pretty quickly anyway.

  • On April 7 Twitter suspended me for a week, the media was in full batshit insane propaganda mode, Mochizuki's inter-universal Teichmüller proof was published, I got groceries delivered at 4AM, that being the only open timeslot, and ruxolitinib was binitiloxur backwards.

  • On April 8 everything was a lie, Sydney welcomed a shipload of plague rats and didn't bother with any testing or tracking whatsoever - which could have turned out much worse than it ultimately did, I tried programming in Nim and pronounced it good, OpenVMS was not in any sense open, and True Facts about the Nudibranch.

  • On April 9 a Microsoft spider tried to take out the site at thousands of requests per second, fuck Swift, nice CGI, more day job Threadrippers arrived, and Stadia went free to play, costing Google $0 in lost revenue.

  • On April 10 we sheltered in place and ate Vegemite, 800Gb Ethernet, and QLC hit the datacenter.

  • On April 11 the Asus G14 looked good, IBM threatened free COBOL training, and the aptly named Zhaoxin KaiXian KX-U6780A arrived.

  • On April 12 Google returned no search results for "can I feed my dinosaur ramen", Turbo Pascal 3 was smaller than the MacOS touch command - which sets the timestamp on a file, and nothing else, and the Sea of Marmara looked like an angry possum.

  • On April 13 BEEEEEEP, wait, Risu, durian donuts, seriously?  Sorry, distracted by a squirrel, writing a SQL database server in Go in one easy lesson, a $100 100GbE card, and Twitter said no privacy for you!

  • On April 14 every copy of Valorant came with a free kernel-level rootkit, and we got a 15GHz 6502.  Sort of.

  • On April 15 Python started turning into Node.js, Western Digital developed shingles, GitHub went free of charge for small closed-source projects, and regex as a filesystem.

  • On April 16 there were no lamingtons, China embraced radical opacity, and the HP Envy 13 looked nice.

  • On April 17 there was treasure everywhere, the shingles inflection spread, and China said, oh, those thousands of dead people.  Also YouTube was full of horrible perverts.

  • On April 18 we wrote Python in Rust, TSMC's 3nm node looked awesome, and we discovered dinosaur DNA.

  • On April 19 a fake Intel quad 10GbE network card worked perfectly, and we looked at one of AMD's first microprocessors.

  • On April 20 we were living through Connie Willis's Remake, Australia caught a case of France, Ruby was a disaster, and so was Zoom.

  • On April 21 LG's Vervet had a headphone jack, comic books were already dead, and fuck all the Amendments.

  • On April 22 Stripe was obviously retarded, Australia had a total of four new cases of Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague, and everything mandatory was forbidden.

  • On April 23 Crucial released the P5, a mid-range SSD, as in 3.4GB per second, we dropped the Staten Island groundhog, the fossa was focalised and actually turned out to be pretty good, and Apple planned an Arm-based Mac.

  • On April 24 iPhone SE vs the DOOGEE X95, Nvidia was making a 5nm mystery chip - still a mystery, in fact, and everyone wanted free money.

  • On April 25 we looked at the difference between AMD's four core CPU and AMD's four core CPU, the Arm-based MacBook would be great at half the price, and Unix sort turned out to automatically multi-thread your workloads.  Oh, and TURN OFF YOUR BLUETOOTH!  NOW!  TURN IT OFF NOW!!!

  • On April 26 TSMC started work on 2nm, a bug in a one-line Node.js package broke 3.4 million projects, America outsourced contact tracing to Sauron, but also discovered ten extinct varieties of apple, and the media got the story wrong in every possible way and also several impossible ways.

  • On April 27 Monkey vs. Opossum Lady, Hitler with a head tilt, Rust-induced migraines, and Lexx.

    Give it a minute - almost exactly - for the theme to kick in.

  • On April 28 the Atlantic embraced fascism, like, a lot, Disney clickwrapped a hashtag, and a Starship prototype did not explode.

  • On April 29 Arm turned 35, Google killed Shoelace, and Reddit was slow.

  • On April 30 home deliveries resumed, USB 4 supported DisplayPort 2 - I should check if that really happened, there was no Threadripper 3980X, and Google Cloud bandwidth was wildly overpriced.

Disclaimer: Durian donuts?

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1 Retired several years ago as a COBOL programmer.  I wanted to work a few more years, but got really tired of being treated as an unwanted step-child.   Management kept going from one 'Whizbang New Whatever' to another, and none ever seemed to do the job.  Last I heard, all the COBOL programmers went to greener pastures and management is in a panic because they had no idea how many huge data pulls and reports were from COBOL. 

Posted by: Frank at Thursday, December 24 2020 05:45 AM (rglbH)

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