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Daily News Stuff 6 July 2024

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  • OpenAI got hacked, but definitely not by Chinese spies.  (New York Times)  (archive site)

    In April.  2023.

    And they didn't report it until now.  In fact, they didn't report it at all.  One of their employees alluded to the event on a podcast, and was fired for his trouble.
    Mr. Aschenbrenner said OpenAI had fired him this spring for leaking other information outside the company and argued that his dismissal had been politically motivated. He alluded to the breach on a recent podcast, but details of the incident have not been previously reported. He said OpenAI’s security wasn’t strong enough to protect against the theft of key secrets if foreign actors were to infiltrate the company.
    OpenAI denies this - well, not the hack, nor the firing, nor the fact that Aschenbrenner leaked the information, but the causal connection, in an announcement apparently written by a special release of ChatGPT trained exclusively on modified limited hangouts:
    "We appreciate the concerns Leopold raised while at OpenAI, and this did not lead to his separation," an OpenAI spokeswoman, Liz Bourgeois, said.
    Liz Bourgeois?  Obviously a made up name.
    Referring to the company's efforts to build artificial general intelligence, a machine that can do anything the human brain can do, she added, "While we share his commitment to building safe A.G.I., we disagree with many of the claims he has since made about our work. This includes his characterizations of our security, notably this incident, which we addressed and shared with our board before he joined the company."
    OpenAI is making no efforts to build AGI, safe or otherwise.  OpenAI's focus is building something and then redefining the term AGI to claim they have achieved it.

Tech News

Bagger 288 Video of the Day

It was a simpler, more innocent time.

Disclaimer: And we've got another 287 where that came from.

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1 In re Sony - variable idiots???

Posted by: Frank at Sunday, July 07 2024 01:15 AM (J67Ll)

2 Dawid Does Tech stuff did a video on gaming on a Snapdragon laptop and said it was really bad--horrible framerates and a few weird artifacts.  I've seen other reports that these are pretty good when running ARM native, but as the article mentions, they don't do so well when emulating x86.  I've also heard on forums that certain things like printer drivers, they just flat-out fall down on.  People are--of course--trying to get Linux working on these.
My new job, the primary application I'm doing development/maintenance on is a character-mode Unix application, so a lot of what I'll do is Office, an editor, and a terminal emulator.  I would expect one of these laptops would probably work fairly to pretty well.  My actual laptop is a Dell i5-1340P and it is pretty good at what I need it to do, though (and it was purchased a couple of weeks to early for the Snapdragons to be an option, although I'm not sure I would want to guinea pig it that way).

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, July 07 2024 02:35 AM (BMUHC)

3 "Of the list of VLOPs the EU is looking to regulate, exactly one is European."
How many European VLOPs exist, one (mildly) wonders.

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, July 07 2024 02:37 AM (BMUHC)

4 Our new AI overlords now have chainsaw discipline attachments.

Posted by: Kristophr at Sunday, July 07 2024 06:43 AM (iYdVP)

5 "It can be used for painting infrastructure..."
Uh huh.
And the purpose of the giant rocket-powered flying fists?
Let's face it: some genius in the Japanese Rail Ministry has finally found a way to use the huge untapped resevoir of otaku's and NEET's.
Can android catgirl "assistants" be far behind?

Posted by: EdH at Sunday, July 07 2024 06:55 AM (eAtU4)

6 RickC - Yes, I saw that video.
I would definitely not buy an Arm-based laptop with gaming in mind.  Not Windows or Mac.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, July 07 2024 04:09 PM (PiXy!)

7 Hadn't heard Bagger 288 in a VERY long time. Still funny as anything.

Posted by: Zendo Deb at Monday, July 08 2024 04:12 AM (RCl76)

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