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  • As everyone was expecting, Nijisanji has fired Selen Tatsuki.  (Twitter)

    Well, some were still hoping she'd be allowed to graduate, but the company's handling of the situation has been utterly graceless.

    Selen is the third Niji EN talent to announce their departure this year, and it's barely February.

    She's @dokibird on Twitter if you want to know where she lands.

    Usually talents departing major agencies are anything from somewhat coy about their other accounts (Coco) to downright secretive (Sana), but Selen never been the retiring type.

When You Give a Gun a Monkey Video of the Day

I've mentioned the game Palworld several times, mostly in the context of the usual leftwing lunatics being outraged and trying to organise a boycott, and the game going on to sell trillions of copies a day.

It's been described as Pokemon with guns, and there are countless articles discussing the similarity of its "Pals" to Pokemon.

Instead, let's take a look at the guns.

Also, I didn't know gaming websites still made content like this.  Full marks to GameSpot.

Disclaimer: Whoa, okay, we just shot out animal friend at the enemy.  Why did we do that?
Because you can.

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1 "It's a giant pile of shit, and people don't trust the company that runs it."
"Okay, well, let's change the name to make it sound like a space program.  People love space programs, right?"

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