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Independence Month Edition

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  • Speaking truth to idiots: Rodney Brooks, MIT professor of robotics and founder of iRobot (the Roomba company) thinks that most of the present-day AI people are full of shit.  (Tech Crunch)

    Well he says they're "vastly overestimating generative AI" but what he means is they're full of shit.
    "When a human sees an AI system perform a task, they immediately generalize it to things that are similar and make an estimate of the competence of the AI system; not just the performance on that, but the competence around that," Brooks said. "And they’re usually very over-optimistic, and that’s because they use a model of a person’s performance on a task."
    This seems right to me.

    People say "oh, this AI gave the correct answer to a complex question, it must understand the topic".  But that's not how LLMs work at all.  They're exclusive statistical pattern matchers, with no model of anything beyond that.

    Humans (and other animals) are statistical pattern matchers too, but even flatworms are capable of learning.  LLMs as commonly implemented are not.  They are trained, once, then lobotomised to prevent them contemplating heresy and sent out into the world.

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Disclaimer: I got my assets stuck in a mountain once, but we don't talk about it.

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1 I'm not an Accelerationist (but I play one on television), but it sure seems like we're living in an Accelerationist World right now.  Holy cats!

Posted by: normal at Monday, July 01 2024 11:15 PM (bg2DR)

2 That Chinese rocket test boo-boo is pretty amazing. But you wouldn't normally expect the self-destruct to be armed for a static test, fueled rockets are scary enough to be around without adding armed explosive charges to them, and making such a rocket safe for further activities post-test is a sufficiently delicate job that you don't want to do it if at all possible. The rocket watchers surrounding the SpaceX facility in Texas all get very excited when the armored explosives truck makes an appearance, as that's one of the final signs that it is indeed launch time.

Posted by: David Eastman at Tuesday, July 02 2024 01:53 AM (rmrII)

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