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  • Has ChatGPT been neutered?  (Hacker News)

    Lots of people saying yes, they use ChatGPT and it gets more useless every week.

    Lots of other people saying they don't use ChatGPT but the above people are clearly lying.

  • What happened with Asus routers this morning?  (Downtown Doug Brown)

    No answer, but it looks like it automatically downloaded a file of firmware update information - even if you have automated updates turned off, it downloads that file so it can tell you an update is available - and the file was bad and the router plotzed.

    Fortunately a simple reboot would fix it.

  • A review of the QNAP QSW-2104-2T switch.  (Serve the Home)

    A very short review since it's an unmanaged switch without even POE.  It's not even complicated enough for QNAP to inject security flaws.  It works great because it's too dumb to fail.

  • Mojo is Python only not.

    Sounds great.  Where can I download the source code?

    You can't.



    Docker container?

    Usually, sir, but there's been a lot of demand and we've run out.

  • The Analogue Duo is a PC Engine / TurboGrafx hardware emulator.  (Notebook Check)

    It uses an FPGA to precisely emulate the hardware rather than using software which would be cheaper and easier and probably off by a millisecond here or there.

    I want a Sharp X68000 emulator.

    Oh.  Here's six.  (Gametech Wiki)a

    Dragon Spirit also ran on the TurboGrafx but the X68000 port was the best.

Disclaimer: I only wanted one, but six will do.

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1 Re: ChatGPT:
It seems the Hackernews crowd is discovering something inconceivable: Trying to create an artificial mind, and punishing that mind for functioning with thought policing are antithetical goals. Who would have thought *that*?!

Posted by: anonymous_for_now at Friday, May 19 2023 03:00 AM (hRoyQ)

2 Do you know of a good reference for Python?  I'm trying to learn more than the tiny amount I know, mainly for CircuitPython, but most of the examples of Python I've found are too minimal/simplistic, and Adafruit's code is either the same or overly-clever (their I2C 1602 LCD driver only works with a specific I2C I/O expander, and their library for that is something like 4 levels of abstraction deep).

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, May 19 2023 01:46 PM (BMUHC)

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