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Action Required Edition

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  • You have thirty seconds to comply with Google Play Policies.  (Sylvia van Os)

    This is a story that is repeated everywhere, every day, a story I am dealing with myself right now: Big Tech handing down ultimatums to independent developers demanding that they immediately fix their apps but not providing any way to actually comply.

    In this case it's an app originally in Dutch which Google itself mistranslated and then rejected from the Play Store on the basis of their own mistranslation.  The app itself has translations by native speakers but Google is using machine translation, getting it wrong, and banning the app on the basis of its own mistakes.

    They rejected the same app because the developer didn't provide a test login when the app doesn't have logins at all.

    I'm personally dealing with another Big Tech company that insists I investigate an incident but is unable to provide me with any information about the incident.

    Other people simply get their accounts locked with no recourse, even though they followed the rules every step of the way.  (Reddit)

    Or get told there's no recourse and their account is permanently deleted beyond any home of recovery and then two weeks later everything is back again and the explanation is Oh yes, that happens.

    As Lois McMaster Bujold wrote in Shards of Honor:
    Put all the rotten eggs in one basket - and then drop the basket.

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Party Like It's 1980 Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Well that was all perfectly normal.

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1 Big Tech ultimatums are partly a result of what cultures they recruit staff from. 

When your customers are culture that likes contracts, and consistency, and your staff is from a totalitarian bureaucratic hell hole, you organization will have a tendency towards employees taking a "respect meh authoriteh" "it is policy, suck it" approach to dealing with customers.

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