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Daily News Stuff 13 March 2021

Keep It Stupid Edition

Tech News

  • Rocket Lake weighs in at 290mm2.  (Tom's Hardware)

    That's twice the size of AMD's 8-core APUs, and 40% larger than the 10-core Comet Lake.  It's larger than any recent consumer desktop CPU.

  • Stronghold Warlords is a game that exists.  (WCCFTech)

    More to the point, WCCFTech is doing game reviews.  Makes sense, since mainstream game journalism has dug itself into a hole and set the hole on fire.

  • Lordstown Motors seems dodgy as hell.  (WCCFTech again)

    WCCFTech is also doing business and automotive news because, well, see above.

  • SQLite 3.35 can do maths and drop columns.  (GitHub)

    Not being able to drop columns was kind of annoying.  You had to create a new table without that column and copy all the data into it.  It sounds like that's what the DROP COLUMN statement does behind the scenes, but at least it's a single command.

  • It's becoming increasingly clear there are no adults in charge at Google.  (

    This reminds me that back when I listened to podcasts all the time rather than Hololive - so, September - I enjoyed Windows Weekly far more than This Week in Google even though I was more interested in what Google was up to than Microsoft, because the people reporting on Microsoft - including Paul Thurrott who wrote the above piece - were functioning adults while those reporting on Google were mostly nuts.

    And not the interesting kind.

  • Speaking of uninteresting kinds of nut, the world's best peanuts turned out to be just a seasonal thing.  I'll keep sampling them and then buy two dozen bags when they get the really good ones back in stock.  Currently they're pretty meh.

  • How the Antikythera Mechanism probably worked.  (Nature)

    They figured it out by the straightforward approach of building one themselves.

  • SBG2 burned down, fell over, and sank into the swamp.  (Bleeping Computer)

    SBG2 is - was - one of OVH's four buildings in Strasbourg, containing many thousands of servers.  Now it's gone, and the fire took the other four buildings offline temporarily as well.

    Signs suggest that the fire started in a UPS unit that had been recently services.  This is rare but not unknown; a few years back a US hosting company (I think I remember which one but won't name names in case I'm wrong) had a UPS explode and take out the wall next to it and the racks immediately adjacent.  But I can't recall the last incident on this scale.

    If your server was in that building and you didn't have backups somewhere else, it's gone for good.  That's why I back up from the US to Australia; any disaster big enough to take out both the server and the backup is not going to leave me time to worry about blogging.

Essential Don't Starve Together Mods Video of the Day

For their halfiversary stream, the five HoloEN Gen 1 girls played Don't Starve Together, which is not my favourite title, but a couple of fans modded them into the game which made all the difference.

Not only do the game characters look just like them but accurately mapped to the Don't Starve art style - that's them in the thumbnail above - they also have all their abilities.  Gura has her trident, Ina has her tentacles, Kiara can revive after death in a burst of flames, Calli has her Soul Scythe, and Amelia has Bubba as a pet, can travel in time, and drops salt crystals when she dies.

Which happened when Kiara tried out her phoenix revival ability and Amelia was standing too close.

Even their ghosts look like them.  Very well done.

Gura quote, eight minutes in: Chaos has ensued, everyone.

Disclaimer: A host is a host and coast to coast, nobody talks to a host that's close, unless the host that isn't close is busy, hung, or dead.

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1 Huh, I thought (based on one of the previous 30 or so "this is how the mysterious antikythera device actually worked" articles and shows I've seen since around 199cool that they X-rayed, 3d modeled, and then built one back around 2006.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, March 14 2021 02:44 AM (obo9H)

2 "[Microsoft is] now making self-serving claims and are even willing to break the way the open web works in an effort to undercut a rival."
Well.  What a fascinatingly un-self-aware claim.

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, March 14 2021 02:55 AM (eqaFC)

3 Everybody knows that the Open Webâ„¢ was meant to be run by a single company siphoning off billions in useless ads and not-at-all-creepy tracking information (which is not-at-all-creepily being "shared" with the PRC). duh!

Posted by: normal at Sunday, March 14 2021 07:49 AM (Pl77F)

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