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1 Speaking of huge explosive ships … the FSO Safer story may be coming to an end.
The story doesn’t mention the naval mines issue, though.

Posted by: EdH at Sunday, September 25 2022 01:29 AM (eAtU4)

2 I'd note that Zubrin has some things in his wiki bio that would raise some questions of interest.

But, anyone with a basic grasp of fluid mechanics can follow the arguments that he is making, and may understand that his prior area of work is a bit relevant. 

(Lots of people, apparently, do not have a basic grasp of fluid mechanics, much less fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.)

The German government can go die in a fire.  Germany isn't some country like Andorra, or Vanatu, which may not have the internal resources that governments can call on to find out that they are full of crap.

Germany has Gottingen.  Which at least historically was a pretty decent school for this stuff.  Germany has no excuse for this.  Unless it can be shown that every fluids and thermo faculty in Germany is a worthless person.

Now, I have not looked up the numbers, and checked Zubrin's back of the envelope. 

But, hydrogen storage has always been a little bit suspect for a lot of applications.

It can make sense for rockets, because rockets are a pretty extreme application.  (John Clark's Ignition! is a pretty fun and accessible read, if anyone hasn't read it.) Solid rocket fuel is partly aluminum, and burning aluminum is definitely not all that appropriate for a consumer automobile.

But, the American and other national legislatures have been insane for a long time when it comes to forcing crazy design decisions on automobile manufacturers.

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Sunday, September 25 2022 01:32 AM (r9O5h)

3 "John Clark's Ignition! is a pretty fun and accessible read"
Somebody here, maybe you, linked to a freely available copy, that I ended up reading.  Yeah, 10 out of 10.  Very really quite extremely great and worthwhile.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, September 25 2022 12:55 PM (obo9H)

4 Anyways, here's a version on archive dot org:

Posted by: normal at Sunday, September 25 2022 01:02 PM (obo9H)

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