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  • An early benchmark of Intel's unannounced 13900KS suggests that it may be very fast and also burn your house down.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This is the model that will hit 6GHz, and it will also use 350W.  Which is a lot.

  • Amazon's new Kindle Scribe has a pen.  (Liliputing)

    It's still an e-ink display (and still has amazing battery life), but now you can take notes on it.  And it's the first new large-format Kindle in years, with a 10.2" screen.

    Given the ongoing existence failure of good small Android tablets, I'll probably be buying a Kindle for reading.  The other option is the iPad Mini, which...  No.

  • The Epic of Gilgamesh is not the oldest surviving work of literature, unless it is.  (Tales of Times Forgotten)

    It depends on how you define "oldest", "surviving", and "literature".

    But pedantry aside, the article does provide a fascinating review of some other very, very old manuscripts.

  • Reasonably priced Socket AM5 motherboards are on the way.  (WCCFTech)

    For the new Ryzen 7000 chips, the only motherboards available right now are the high-end X670 and X670E models, and none of them are what you would call cheap.  Which is fine if you're building a high-end 7950X system and need 10Gb Ethernet, four USB-C ports, and five M.2 slots.

    If you were hoping to build an inexpensive gaming rig based around the new 7600X, though, you currently need to spend more on the motherboard than the CPU.

    The new boards, based on the B650 and B650E chipsets, will bring prices down to start at around $125.

  • 48GB DIMMs are here.  (Serve the Home)

    One of the changes made with DDR5 was support for 24Gb memory chips, allowing for 24GB and 48GB memory modules.  This was because 32Gb chips were not immediately within reach, and this half-step would provide a short term increase in memory capacities - for a laptop, up to 96GB, and for a desktop, up to 192GB.

    Only the modules being shown off here are registered DIMMs for servers, and you can already get 128GB registered DIMMs.

  • Scientists have created an AI-controlled laser turret that kills cockroaches.  (Motherboard)

    I love it when a plan comes together.

Command and Conquer Yellow Alert Music Video of the Day

Disclaimer: I love the smell of cockroach bacon in the morning.

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1 Mmm, the fresh smell of toasted cockroach in the morning!

Posted by: normal at Thursday, September 29 2022 09:30 PM (obo9H)

2 The new Kindle sounds interesting.
I do have an ancient DX that someone gave me.  There is no longer any way to register it with Amazon, everything has to be sideloaded via USB.

Posted by: EdH at Friday, September 30 2022 12:42 AM (eAtU4)

3 Laser cockroach killer, as Instapundit says, "Faster please."
Actually, I'd be more interested in his previous mosquito killer.

Posted by: Mauser at Friday, September 30 2022 02:52 PM (BzEjn)

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