Sunday, March 26


One Small Step

  1. The new server structure made the image filesystem read-only.  I got that sorted out the first week after the chaos of the move.  (Wait, no I didn't, but it did get sorted out a while ago.)

  2. The file upload API changed and renamed the filetype field, causing image uploads to fail.

  3. The new filetype was an object rather than a string so I couldn't even parse it to get the image type.

  4. There has been a bug in the code for fifteen years that only surfaced after I updated the MySQL server during the move, so even after uploading the file it wasn't accessible.  The record was created with invalid data and then immediately updated so this problem was invisible - it lasted less than a millisecond each time - until the new version of MySQL enforced stricter checking and refused to create the records at all.


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