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  • Microsoft has been quietly - very quietly - supporting right-to-repair legislation.  (Grist)

    Apple is the Wicked Witch here.  Microsoft has actually made small improvements, like user-replaceable storage in many of its Surface tablets.  Apple meanwhile is at war with its own authorised repair centers, requiring them to sign NDAs forbidding them from even mentioning the existence of the NDA.

  • AMD's Radeon 7800 graphics cards will have 16GB of RAM.  (WCCFTech)

    There's been a lot of fuss recently over the fact that 8GB of VRAM - as found on the previous generation's 3070 Ti - is no longer enough to run some new games at full resolution.  Performance isn't just a little bit slower; in some cases the 3070 Ti is slower than the much cheaper 3060 because that card has 12GB of VRAM.

    So AMD is making a fuss about its high-mid-range cards having 16GB, as much VRAM as Nvidia's 4080 at half the price.

    The Radeon 7700 will have 12GB of VRAM like the 6700 - the article doesn't mention this but knowing AMD's RDNA3 cache design, 48MB of cache means 12GB of VRAM.  12GB is probably fine for a low-mid-range card like this.

Disclaimer: Ow.  Thumped in the basket by a biscuit.

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