Wednesday, April 26


Best I Can Do

The HP Pavilion 14.

The Pavilion Plus 14 has my ideal keyboard layout, a 2240x1400 LCD screen or a 2880x1800 OLED, and an Intel 1240P or 12700H CPU - but has just 16GB of soldered RAM.

The Pavilion 14 without the plus has my ideal keyboard layout, a 1920x1080 LCD screen - but not an awful one, it's still 100% sRGB, and a Ryzen 5625U (5825U available as a build-to-order option in the US but not Australia).  And two DDR4 SO-DIMM slots.

And right now it's 20% off in Australia, and because the memory and SSD can easily be swapped, and I already have suitable replacements, I can buy the cheapest model with just 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.

If it weren't upgradeable that configuration would be instant e-waste, but give me a couple of hours and it will be 64GB and 4TB.

Sold.  Not quite perfect, but it will do.

Update: Order placed.  I managed to control myself and only bought one.  I know that two is one and one is none, but I have four other working laptops.  One of them is pretty beaten up, but there are three that are still as-new, just a couple of generations out of date.  Though technically with a Ryzen 5625U this one is also a couple of generations out of date.

Also Update: Ordered another 64GB of RAM and a 4TB SSD so I can max out everything.  A year ago 2TB SSDs were plentiful and relatively cheap but 4TB SSDs were few and expensive.  Now 4TB SSDs are plentiful and cheap but 8GB SSDs are few and expensive.

4TB M.2 SSDs start at about $200; the cheapest 8TB models are around $1000.  Fortunately the new Asus FlashStor devices solve this problem, as long as 10Gbps is fast enough for your use case.

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