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Daily News Stuff 31 May 2022

All The China In Thailand Edition

Tech News

  • Quick one because of a double helping of reasons today.

  • Vodafone is planning to add carrier-level tracking to bust ad blockers.  (Bleeping Computer)

    This is designed to work around such problematic features as privacy controls and end-to-end encryption and hand power back to the advertisers, because fuck you that's why.

    Let's hope they get sued.

  • Ryzen 7000 may clock as high as 5.85GHz.  (WCCFTech)

    Or it may not, but we have seen a live demo at 5.5GHz multi-core, so 5.85GHz single core is not out of the question.  But is fast.

  • Thou shalt not speak English.  (The Guardian)

    The French are back at their favourite pastime, taking simple and widely-used English-language terms - "stream" - and replacing them with drivel - "joueur-animateur en direct".

  • Blockchain: The amazing solution for almost nothing.  (The Correspondent)

    For the work I do, I need a cryptographically verifiable public ledger - and that's what the blockchain is.  I'm taking things that would usually just be a record in a corporate database and handing them over into the control of the customer. 

    It might not be much, but it's yours.  If the company cancels your account, it's still yours.  If the company goes out of business entirely, it's still yours.  So long as the blockchain itself stays up somewhere.

    But it would be much easier, much cheaper, much faster, much more reliable to just use a database.  Blockchains are like databases except they have a thousand-dollar-a-day cocaine habit and sometimes just don't show up on Monday morning.

    If your work doesn't actually need to be publicly verifiable and provably outside your control, don't use a blockchain.  Use a database.  Or clay tablets.

Disclaimer: Or Tuesday, for that matter.

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1 At time of writing, the title on this post was "Daily News Stuff 21 May 2022”, and should probably be updated to the correct date, 31 May.  (Or even better, go bigendian with your date and write 2022 May 21.)

Posted by: David L Jessup at Wednesday, June 01 2022 12:05 AM (J4LmT)

2 I've long wondered just what percentage of our economy is advertising. There are whole industries with no purpose other than delivering advertisements, usually to people who don't want them. Google became the giant monstrosity of a corporation it is based on it's ability to drive and deliver advertising. I bet if there was widespread reporting and knowledge of just how much money is going into delivering advertising that nobody wants, we'd start seeing pushback, and even some kind of useful regulation. Perhaps start with something as simple as "if more than 30% of your revenue is coming from someone other than the actual consumer of your data/product, you pay this massive tax surcharge.."

Posted by: David Eastman at Wednesday, June 01 2022 02:30 AM (D6Mju)

3 David, when it gets to that point, what the company is selling is access to your eyeballs.

Posted by: Mauser at Wednesday, June 01 2022 12:51 PM (gVjvf)

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