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Daily News Stuff 31 January 2022

Thirteen Thousand Bottles Of Beer On The Wall Edition

Top Story

  • Still no gluten-free chicken nuggets, but gluten-free chicken tenders are inbound.  Guess I'll live another week.

  • The Royal Society says stop trying to censor scientific disagreements online.  (Royal Society)

    Even if one side is wrong, even if one side is obviously, blatantly wrong, censorship doesn't serve the truth.

    The comment thread at Hacker News is interesting.

    There's certainly a range of opinions but most of the comments agree that  (a) censorship has no place in scientific debate or outreach and (b) science has enough problems with the Replication Crisis that it can't afford to be pointing fingers at anyone else.

Tech News

  • Memory leaks: The forgotten side of web performance.  (Read the Tea Leaves)

    Somebody needs to wrap this around a brick and toss it through the window of the YouTube web client team.  Try watching a busy Hololive livestream on a computer with less than 32GB of RAM to find out why.

  • Americans lost $770 million to social media scams in 2021.  (Bleeping Computer)

    That's about a tenth of blockchain fraud or civil asset forfeiture, never mind the real wealth killers like inflation and government waste.

    The FTC shared useful tips on how to avoid getting scammed on social media:
    Stay off social media.

  • PCs are back again.  But for how long?  (ZDNet)

    For as long as people actually need to get work done, you latte-swilling weenie.

  • Went ahead and got a PinePhone to break free of the Apple/Google diarchy?  Wondering what operating system to run on it? Here's an easy way to test the 15 current options.  (Liliputing)

    That's quite a difference from Apple, or even from Android, where if you are really determined you often can install some alternative OS that is only fully functional on hardware that you can no longer buy.

  • Ohio promised Intel $2 billion in incentives to attract the $20 billion chip factories recently announced.  (AP)

    A combination of new infrastructure (roads and water supply upgrades), tax breaks, and some sort of rebate to defray the relative expense of local construction against, um, places Intel had no intention of building a fab anyway.

    Still, of all the ways governments find to waste our money, this is one of the least destructive.

Party Like It's 1980-ish Video of the Day

Disclaimer: No, shaddap you face.

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1 Pixy, did something change with the css page(s) for Ace's site? The rendering looks seriously "off" in Firefox 96.0.2 on Linux Mint, as well as Firefox 91 on Windows, text seems larger than it should be and the comments aren't formatted/separated as normal. This is affecting old threads too so seems to be site-wide.

Compare the "Incredible Show of Force at Funeral of Slain Cop Jason Rivera In NYC" thread from Jan 28
With its copy at and you should immediately see what I'm referring to:

Posted by: Grumpy and Recalcitrant at Tuesday, February 01 2022 02:59 AM (nRMeC)

2 Looks like the Let's Encrypt certificate revocation mess has caught up with us.  I'll get it fixed.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, February 01 2022 03:39 AM (PiXy!)

3 Champion.  Thank you, Pixy.

Posted by: Grumpy and Recalcitrant at Tuesday, February 01 2022 04:40 AM (nRMeC)

4 Should all be fixed. I'll have to keep an eye out for other certificates that need replacing.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, February 01 2022 08:00 AM (PiXy!)

5 Fix confirmed.  Just saw it start to render properly in my browser after a simple page refresh.  Thank you again, Pixy.

Posted by: Grumpy and Recalcitrant at Tuesday, February 01 2022 08:09 AM (nRMeC)

6 About that YouTube, yeah, YT is one of the regular causes of bluescreens on my Win7 machine, which can't access more than 16 gig. Oddly, I could watch lengthy streams or >1 hour videos no problem, UNLESS I was watching one of the firearms channels, which must contain some kind of packet of death, and will die within the first 10 minutes.

Posted by: Mauser at Tuesday, February 01 2022 02:04 PM (Ix1l6)

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