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Daily News Stuff 25 February 2022

Property Blues Edition

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  • Found a house I like.  Well, I say like, but that's not quite the right word.  Listed at around the market value of my current place, but (a) the lounge/dining area alone is roughly the size of my entire home, (b) the land area is larger than the land footprint of this entire townhouse complex, and (c) it has gigabit internet available (rare in Australia).

    Catch is it's a bit of a commute.  Like about ten hours.

    On the third hand we don't have an office in Sydney anymore, so I don't have a commute.

  • Samsung shipped a hundred million phones with broken encryption.  (ThreatPost)

    They were quietly notified last year and slipped a couple of patches into the regular updates, so if you've updated your phone since last September you should be good.

    Samsung chose a robust encryption method but got the implementation details wrong, leaving it leaky and prone to attack by unprivileged apps on the phone.

Tech News

Party Like It's 1980-ish Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Shan't.

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1 A month ago, the rumor was Ada Lovelace's top power was around 600W.  By the time they're actually released, they'll probably need their own separate 1KW PSUs.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, February 26 2022 12:19 AM (Z0GF0)

2 Man, I can't wait to spend $15000 on a graphics card that gets 3 extra frames per second in a video game I don't play.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, February 26 2022 12:46 AM (obo9H)

3 Also, if you can have a few ducks in the yard, that house sounds like a pretty good deal.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, February 26 2022 12:47 AM (obo9H)

4 Normal:  my new RX 6800 is so much better, that in Guild Wars 2 world bosses the minimum frame rate is about 21, compared to 17 in the older card.
To be fair, the engine is creaky and doesn't work so well when there are a lot of players and spell effects on screen.  Normally it actually gets about double the frame rate (100-180 vs maybe 60 most of the time).

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, February 26 2022 02:06 AM (Z0GF0)

5 Apparently nobody at Samsung got the rule about hand-rolling your own encryption algorithm?  ("Don't do that!")

Posted by: DougO at Saturday, February 26 2022 06:04 AM (G1vK4)

6 Normal - there are places just a bit further out of that town where I could get the same size house for the same price on 20-30 acres, except I'd be stuck with wireless broadband rather than gigabit fibre.
And as I've learned this past week, wireless broadband in Australia sucks.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, February 26 2022 08:20 AM (PiXy!)

7 One of my friends loved his 5-acre wooded lot in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but all he could get for Internet was point-to-point wireless, which required precise aim down to the valley, and still went in and out on windy days.

I'm tempted to set up two completely separate Internet feeds at the new place: a gigabit consumer cable service for general use, and a 200mbps business line with 5 static IPs for my office, neatly firewalled off.


Posted by: J Greely at Saturday, February 26 2022 03:47 PM (ZlYZd)

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