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  • You can't get there from here.  (Hacker news)

    Try to log in to Gmail from a device or browser they don't recognise, and it will tell you to try again from one that they do.  Got a security code?  Tough shit, you're not getting in.

    Now, if you have a device they recognise, the way it works isn't bad at all - it will pop up an alert on the other device and say "is that you?" and you just press the button and you're in.

    If you don't, though, you're kind of screwed.

    In the comments, people complaining about Apple, Facebook, and Amazon pulling the same crap.

  • Medium was a promising, um, medium.  Then it turned to shit.  (etcetera)

    I mean legitimately worse than Twitter, which is a pretty impressive achievement.  Not because of the content, but because of the platform.

  • What are NFTs, how do they work, and why do they suck?  (Absolucy)
    The ultimate goal of NFTs is kind of awful when you look at it - people want to reintroduce scarcity to the internet, a landscape where scarcity doesn't really exist.
    Yes.  Well, mostly yes.  NFTs have valid purposes, but for those purposes there is no artificial scarcity.

  • Businesses are banking on cryptocurrency. But there are two big challenges ahead.  (ZDNet)

    1. Cryptocurrencies suck.
    2. Governments suck.

    Though #2 is hardly a new discovery.

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Disclaimer: It's not what you think.  Okay, it is what you think, but I can explain.  Okay, I can't explain, but I can run away.  Byeeeeeee!

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1 Yeah, the IT security "professionals" (more like bureaucrats) that advise companies like Google, Amazon, etc. are really out of hand.  I recently started a new job where the password policy includes (but not limited to) 16 characters with symbol and different case.  Oh and it changes every 90 days and no reuse.  It's insane.  If you have a properly setup site that blocks rapid login attempts, anything more than very basic complexity rules is window dressing designed to get somebody their yearly bonus.  
As an example, over 20 years ago I created an account on a major commercial site that I originally intended to be a throwaway account, so I used a password straight out of a dictionary rather than one of my standards.  I kept using the account, and noticed a couple of years ago in my saved passwords that I was still using that truly bad practice password.  The account still hasn't been hacked, but if I told a "security professional" what I was using, they'd likely have a coronary.  They'd earn their pay more by focusing on preventing account credential databases from being stolen.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Monday, January 24 2022 11:56 PM (8d+Am)

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