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End Of The Beginning Edition

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  • So I finally got internet set up at the new place now that I'm living there full time.  I had it connected before the purchase was complete, but all through the move I've been relying on a 4G mobile hotspot.  In theory it's a 5G hotspot but I never got a 5G signal at my old house and there is no 5G in New House City just yet.

    And around lunchtime today I hit the bandwidth cap, so I had to stop being lazy and set it up.  The first router I tried kept complaining that there was no ADSL connection which is absolutely true because I don't have ADSL but not something I can fix because I don't have ADSL.

    The second router - a Netgear WiFi 6 model I bought early this year and which I was lucky enough to have already found and unpacked the box for - connected just fine once I realised that only one Ethernet port on the NBN box actually works, but wouldn't route anything.  I knew it had an internet connection because it updated its own firmware, but it wouldn't share that connection with anything else.

    After trying every setting I could find to no avail, I gave up and rebooted it one last time and it worked.

    Nominally it's the same speed as at the old place but download speeds are 35% faster - I'm somehow getting 108Mbps down on a 100/40 connection.

    The one router seems to cover the new house pretty well too, though the signal is not quite full strength at 5GHz at the opposite end of the house.

  • Twitter's former head of security says Twitter's security is crap an absolute disaster.  (Ace of Spades)

    I originally linked this CNN article but Ace has some juicier details from a long Twitter thread examining the whistleblower report - including the fact that Twitter was allowing China to doxx Chinese users and directly hiring spies for the Indian government.

    Oh, and every engineer working at Twitter has access to production servers and private user data, there's that too.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Every time you try to operate one of these weird black controls that are labelled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let you know you’ve done it.

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1 My 100 MBit Comcast service regularly gets 120 MBit. Unless Torrents have been running for a while, then I notice it's 12MBit. Until I restart my modem. Dunno if it's the Modem or Comcast.

Upload speed on torrents is particularly slow regardless. Honestly, they haven't messed with my torrenting except for passing along the occasional nastygram when I do something American, which I've pretty much given up on anyway.
Thus I'm inclined to think it's the Modem.

Posted by: Mauser at Thursday, August 25 2022 02:41 PM (BzEjn)

2 When I was on ADSL - a couple of years ago, seems like ancient history - I had to periodically reboot the modem because it would gradually slow to a crawl.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, August 25 2022 05:48 PM (PiXy!)

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