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Daily News Stuff 14 January 2022

And The Other Guy Was Dead Edition

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  • Pixy's First Law of Personal Responsibility: Once you choose Node.js, everything that happens subsequently is your own damn fault.

    When open source developers tell you to go fuck yourself go bad.  (ZDNet)
    While open-source developers should be fairly compensated for their work, wrecking your code isn't the way to persuade others to pay you.
    Yes it is.

  • My new tablet is set up and installing stuff.  The one significant quirk is that it thinks the 400GB Sandisk microSD card is a 512GB card with a bunch of space already used.

    I'm not sure why; I think they've monkeyed with Android's adoptable storage mechanism and screwed it up.  I don't have a recent stock Android device with expandable storage to compare it with, but I don't think Google is that dumb, even now.

    I wondered if it was a fake card, but I've bought a dozen Sandisk microSD cards in recent years and the packaging and card looked genuine, and I've installed 54GB to it so far without a hiccup.*  I think Lenovo just messed this up.

    * Mostly my Audible library.  Being a member for 10 years times two books a month equals about 400 audiobooks.  Somehow.

  • Our hosting company found the payment - it fell down behind the sofa cushion.  So we're safe for another month unless the IP address falls off the proxy server and how likely is it for that to happO*_$%#*#@ NO CARRIER

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Party Like It's 1980 Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Turning animu I think I'm turning animu uwu.

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