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Daily News Stuff 9 September 2021

Gonna Need A Bigger Volcano Edition

Top Story

  • Australia's High Court - that is, our Supreme Court, because our Supreme Courts are lower courts - just pooped in everyone's cornflakes by ruling that if someone posts a defamatory reply to your Facebook post, you are personally liable.  (Gizmodo)

    That is, not Facebook, and not the person who actually committed defamation.

    Now this is Gizmodo and the article is full of vacuous left-wing drivel, but even they see the problem with this, calling it one of the court's "dumbest decisions in recent memory".

    Since this decision directly hurts the entire media industry in Australia, though, left and right alike, we are sure to see poorly-formulated and ill-considered legislation rushed through Parliament with bipartisan support to make the situation even worse.

    There's more at Australia's ABC - also run by left-wing lunatics - but it doesn't contradict anything at Gizmodo.

  • Chicken nuggets are back on the menu!  Six boxes of gluten free nuggies set to arrive tomorrow morning, and three boxes of tendies as well.  And, yes, choccy milk.

    Might have to turf an old bag of frozen beans from the freezer to make room.  With the random shortages going on I keep it packed full, but somehow there's always a bag of frozen beans I don't remember buying.

Tech News

The Vtuber Your Vtuber Could Smell Like Video of the Day

This is Ouro Kronii of Hololive English Generation 2.  All the names of this generation are tortured multilingual puns, so her fellow streamers mostly call her Crow or Kronini.

Gura of EN Gen 1 commented on Kronii's debut that she wanted to hear her read a toothpaste commercial.  She's actually done that now - there's a clip out there - but this with the Minecraft animation is even better.

And another version just because - this time using Kronii's original model.

Disclaimer: About a maid I'll sing a song, sing rikkity-tikkity-tin...

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1 The Yandex DDoS is probably just a misconfigured Russian botnet.  they'll get back to DDoSing other people soon enough.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, September 09 2021 11:26 PM (LADmw)

2 Every time I hear Kronii speak, she sounds spot-on identical with a very prominent VA that I know (And actually have met.).

Posted by: cxt217 at Saturday, September 11 2021 04:33 AM (MuaLM)

3 Having heard more of Kronii now - until recently I'd only caught her in their weekly all-member collabs - I'd be surprised if she didn't have VA experience.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, September 11 2021 09:20 PM (PiXy!)

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