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Daily News Stuff 8 May 2021

Not Entirely Hopeless Edition

Top Stories

A Dirty Pair AMV I haven't seen before?  How?  It was only created a month ago?

Will wonders never cease?

The second half is Dirty Pair Flash - the prequel series made instead of the planned sequel because the original actress for Yuri had retired and moved to America - but makes it look good.

Tech News

  • AMD has desktop APUs - their term for CPUs with integrated graphics - in theory, but in practice only the older, lower-end parts are in stock anywhere.  Intel meanwhile has no shortage of desktop CPUs with integrated graphics.  Unless you buy an F part, or a high-end i9, all of them have graphics.

    But how do they compete?  Badly.  (AnandTech)

    Intel's latest laptop parts - the 11th generation, codenamed Tiger Lake - compete closely with AMD on both CPU and graphics tests, except in heavily multi-threaded workloads where AMD pulls ahead.

    But where AMD's scarce desktop APUs have the same graphics cores as their laptop parts, Intel's only have one third - or even one quarter - of the graphics capacity.  The resulting performance is not good.

    On the third hand, you can actually buy one right now.

  • Instead of iPhone, package contained live bobcat.  (WCCFTech)

    Five stars.  Better than I could have hoped.

  • Discovery is a bitch part one: 128 million iOS users received free bonus malware as part of a hack that affected over 4000 apps.  (Motherboard)

    We knew this happened, but the numbers are only coming to light now as part of Epic's lawsuit against Apple.

  • Discovery is a bitch part two: Apple tells companies that it prevents from releasing their apps on the App Store to release a web app instead.  But Apple deliberately cripples its browser to make web app experience inferior to native apps.  (The Verge)

    Oh, and Apple forbids other browsers from the App Store.  Yes, you can download Chrome, but all you get is Safari in a paper hat.

    And, of course, you can't distribute iOS apps except via the App Store.

  • Inland is a budget-priced store brand for Microcenter.  Turns out that it doesn't suck.  (Serve the Home)

    They tested the Inland Premium 1TB SSD, and it's as fast as any competing PCIe 3.0 SSD - and in fact 10% faster than is own listed specs - while being one of the cheapest models in its class.

  • If you use Foxit Reader to read PDFs, update now.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Or just uninstall it.  Chrome and Chromium-based browsers like Edge have PDF support built in.

  • Speaking of Edge the current release crashes while watching YouTube videos in full screen mode  (Bleeping Computer)

    Hah.  You think that's bad?  Chrome crashed my entire computer playing YouTube videos.

    Admittedly I was playing multiple videos at once, and also two different games, but it still shouldn't crash.

  • Only criminals use encryption says the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, or NKVD.  (ZDNet)

    "Show me the man", said an NKVD spokesperson on conditions of utter secrecy, "and we'll lock him up.  But better us than the Victorian Police, mate.  Those bastards are crazy.  Don't tell them I said that."

  • Everything old is on fire again.  (Science)

    Specifically, Chernobyl.

The Criminal Princess of Pekoland Video of the Day

I've mentioned before that the Hololive JP Minecraft server is a cross between Disneyland and World War III.  Here we see the unveiling of an actual theme park on the server - it's quite an impressive build - and  a couple of the ensuing deaths.

Lies In Advertising Anime Opening Theme 

This coulda been great.  It coulda been a contender.

Disclaimer: No, not really.  Nice upscale tho'.

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1 Yep, I've put half a dozen Inland SSDs, both SATA and PCIe, in various computers, and they're plenty fast enough for everyday use, and cheap.

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, May 09 2021 01:49 AM (eqaFC)

2 Although with the Inland NVMe drives you have to watch out for some slight naming goofiness.  The 1TB Platinum has a lower max write speed than the Professional: 2.8Gbps vs 1.9Gbps, and they're both PCIe x4.  Why?  The Platinum--which costs slightly less--is QLC.
They used to have a PCIe x2 model but I guess they got rid of that.  And I see they now have a PCIe 4.0 x4 model, complete with oversized heatsink and significantly faster max speeds (5000/4300 vs 3400/2800 Mbps, compared to the 3.0 models.)  In any event, they're pretty nice drives if you don't need the absolute fastest thing.

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, May 09 2021 02:04 AM (eqaFC)

3 Nah, if it was the NKVD, they would have had a foreign intelligence arm - and been somewhat competent at both domestic and foreign efforts.

(I remember the Quadrant article about Australia's intelligence service.)

Posted by: cxt217 at Sunday, May 09 2021 05:53 AM (4i7w0)

4 "edited or deleted"
I mean, if it nags me, I might throw in some even nastier language just because I don't like naggin' dickholes.  And that would be edited, wouldn't it?

Posted by: normal (sfleeb is what I do on weekends) at Sunday, May 09 2021 10:21 AM (obo9H)

5 Dang, that snarky little bitch at Serve the Home is really stuck on how someone's website looks.  I hope he doesn't break a nail trying to get in a few more parentheticals.

Also, I would like to know how much power a drive uses, especially under idle conditions, although they did at least put up the idle and loaded thermals, which should give some clue.

Posted by: normal (sfleeb is what I do on weekends) at Sunday, May 09 2021 11:37 AM (obo9H)

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