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Mouse Computer Ad Roundup Video of the Day

Ran out of individual videos, so here's a whole bunch of them.  The ones with the little drummer girl start around the two minute mark.

Disclaimer: It's supposed to be pay-to-play.  It's a business.  That's how businesses work.  That's the entire point.

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1 I think if a Consumer Bill of Rights were to come out of that Google thing, one of the first things in it should be "if you get banned, the company must immediately refund every dollar you ever paid them for anything" to protect people.  Commenters on that story point out entire companies that have been locked out of accounts due to one user.  It's crazy.   It also reminds me that now that I have a protonmail account I should start transitioning stuff that's tied to my Gmail account.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, February 09 2021 12:31 AM (eqaFC)

2 "But they're not in the kitchen cupboard, which means they're in a box in the garage with all the spiders and I'd rather just buy a new one."

Nothing casually says "everything here wants to kill you" quite like "I'd rather buy a new [whatever] than go into the garage."

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, February 09 2021 12:55 AM (eqaFC)

3 What don't you like about VSCode?  It seems a bit less bloated than, say, Eclipse.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, February 09 2021 01:08 AM (eqaFC)

4 Honestly, while I despise Google more and more, the Terraria people are suffering their own stupidity.  There is very little excuse for any business to not own their own domain.  As an individual I've owned my own domain for decades for ~$10/yr and ~$120/yr in hosting fees for a good hosting provider (HostingMatters, I can't recommend them enough).  While I don't use Google, it would be pretty simple to set things up to forward to gmail and let the hosting provider cache e-mails so I could transition if needed.  If the hosting provider had a downturn in service, I could move my domain to a new provider easily enough with nothing lost.
It's a bit like certain small business owners I know who still run their email on AOL without understanding that this is a risk.
For individuals it's more understandable, but even there I think those that can afford it should look at getting their own domains.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Tuesday, February 09 2021 03:02 AM (Pl2MP)

5 Terraria's always had a domain of its own.
You can say "they should have their own email" and I'd even agree with you, although bear in mind ReLogic started out as like 3 people.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, February 09 2021 03:53 AM (eqaFC)

6 It's not very hard to set up an email server.  Of course, it's not very easy to get it right.  And then all the dimbulbs want email on their telephone(!)s, but they can't figure out how to install pine on their rotary phone.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, February 09 2021 06:39 AM (LADmw)

7 Reading the Google apologists replying is amusing.  "If you don't release the game on Stadia, you are punishing the consumer!!!!!" as if the developer was suppose to be a charitable enterprise that allows Google to profit off their efforts while being denied the use of Google's assets.

Posted by: cxt217 at Tuesday, February 09 2021 09:28 AM (4i7w0)

8 Anyone have thoughts on a good domain name registrar that won't cancel you?  I registered one domain about 15 years ago (and long ago transferred it to someone else.) I at the time but haven't had any interaction with them in close to a decade.

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, February 10 2021 02:54 AM (eqaFC)

9 Nothing casually says "everything here wants to kill you" quite like "I'd rather buy a new [whatever] than go into the garage." Posted by: Rick C
Indeed. My brain, upon reading the original text:
CPU0: aw, come on. Spiders freak me out, but I'm not gonna...
CPU1: Pixy lives in Australia
CPU0: ...and he should probably caulk the garage door shut, too.

Posted by: mikeski at Wednesday, February 10 2021 04:43 AM (P1f+c)

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