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110% DCI-P3 Edition

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  • Linux now runs on Arm-based Macs.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Well, sort of.  There's no installer, no networking, and video is a dumb frame buffer like this was still 1993, but if you somehow manage to get it on there it will in fact boot.

  • Amazon says don't blame us, it wasn't our game that caused the smoke to come out of your $3000 video card.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Narrator: Yeah, it kind of was.

    A stock 3090 running Amazon's New World can draw 370W just sitting at the menu.

  • The PCIe 6 has reached a final draft.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This is four times as fast as PCIe 4  I'm not sure it's going to arrive in desktop systems any time soon, but I said that about PCI 5 and that will be shipping in about a month.

  • The monitor I wanted - LG's 27UP850-W - came back in stock this morning and I ordered two. It all looks good on paper; 4K panel, 95% of DCI-P3 and 100% of sRGB. It's not calibrated for Adobe RGB but I don't do print work so that doesn't matter nearly as much.

    It has USB-C power delivery so it should be able to power the smaller of my two laptops directly. The laptops each have USB-C and HDMI, so they'll both be connected to both monitors and I can switch as needed.

    The plan is to retire my two current desktops entirely. The larger of my two laptops has a faster CPU and GPU, and more memory and SSD (but no internal hard disk) than either of the desktops. The smaller one is for rare occasions when I'm actually in the office; the rest of the time it's backup because I can't afford to be offline just because my main computer caught fire. And for single-threaded tasks it's also faster (by about 40%) than my current desktop systems.

    Update: It seems they had at least three of them, because I can see that my order has been allocated at the warehouse and is now in dispatch, and the monitor is still in stock.

    Update 2: And they've shipped. I didn't pay extra for 1-day shipping because I need to clear a space for them, but I should still get them Monday.

  • Also just got a shipment of gluten-free snacks from Amazon, stuff that's not readily available from the local supermarkets. And a computer toolkit with about 100 different screwdriver heads. Also a pressure washer. I was looking at one for cleaning the back deck and they were on sale this week, so I threw it in the cart with the snacks.

  • The community is a disgusting toxic cesspool said a 4chan user - referring to Twitch.  (The Record)

    And then leaked a 125GB file containing all of their source code.

  • Now that the JP and EN servers have merged, HoloID is getting their own server as well.  Doing a build relay to launch it starting at, hmm, 9PM tomorrow.  I think they'll be doing the same as the EN branch, finishing the game by themselves and then linking it to the other two.

    Meanwhile Mumei and Kronii from EN Gen 2 spent three hours happily lost on the JP server.

  • Blockchains and deadlines don't mix.

  • Me: Time for bed.
    YouTube: Sora is exploring the HoloEN server.
    Me: Sleep is for the weak.

Disclaimer: Don't you know that I'm a cesspool?

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