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Daily News Stuff 7 June 2021

Vtubers Watching Grass Grow Edition

Tech News

Anime of the day is Komi Can't Communicate from 2021.  October 2021.  This one hasn't even aired yet.

But I've read something like 200 chapters of the manga - which is great - and this trailer absolutely nails the feel of the story.  The voice of the male lead is perfect, which is a good thing because he's going to have to carry a lot of weight in the show.

Despite the name of the series, they do have a voice actress cast for Komi herself.  It will be interesting to see how they translate it from an inherently silent medium to television.

Tech News

  • So, those PNY drives that received an abrupt durability downgrade?  People have been speculating that this is because of Chia, but the company has now gone on the record to announce that yes, it's because of Chia.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Cryptocurrencies come in two basic forms: Proof-of-stake, which basically codifies rent-seeking, and everything else, which is even worse.

    Chia is in the even worse category.

  • If it ain't broke, fix it until it is: Chip flaws that affect one core in a million show up on about 63% of computers with a million cores.  (The Register)

    Well, computers still mostly don't have a million cores, but a datacenter can pack 50,000 cores into a single rack, so a million cores is not really that much.

    The article mentions a system where one core had a bug that affected encryption, so that only that core could decrypt files it had encrypted.  And this is because we are pushing close to the fundamental quantum limits of silicon.

  • The US Air Force wants to contract SpaceX to deliver cargo by rocket.  (Ars Technica)

    SpaceX's Starship has a cargo capacity of 100 tons to orbit, maybe slightly more for a suborbital trajectory.  Anywhere in the world in an hour.

    If you can keep it ready to launch 24/7, which you can't, making it useful for cargoes that need to be delivered in an hour but that you know about a week in advance.

  • The EFF is unimpressed with the recent court decision against Cox Communications.  (EFF)

    They argue that the District Court award of a billion dollars in damages gets the law wrong, violates due process, and will destroy the internet.

    And they're largely correct.

F.Y.C. Anime Music Video of the Say

This one goes a little beyond just syncing up anime clips with a popular song.

Honestly, it's a technical tour-de-force as well as a lot of fun,

Weekly Hardware Roundup Video of the Day

It's Computex time, and though there's no physical Computex this year, everyone has decided to announce new hardware at the same time, so these weekly updates really have been running daily.

Disclaimer: Unlike me.

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