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Daily News Stuff 7 August 2021

Unexpectedly Edition

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  • Working on the server move.  I panicked because this server went down again and we might miss an update on Brickmuppet's status, but when I got it back up and checked he'd already posted.

    Situation isn't great and he'll be in rehab for weeks, so time to smuggle him catgirls and computers.

    Wonderduck chimed in over there.  He's still recovering too.

    Properly puts my personal upsets into perspective.

  • Surprised by pushback over their massive violation of the privacy of children, Apple poured oil on troubled waters...  And lit it on fire.

    Dismissing the entire security community, which has universally decried this, and the entire privacy community likewise as "screeching voices of the minority" shows exactly where this is coming from.

    They are fully aware that what they are doing is wrong.  They know it will harm people.  That's why they kept it secret.  They just don't care.

    This is the end result of intellectual monoculture.  To whatever small extent they spoke to any security or privacy advocates about this, their concerns were overridden because by definition anyone objecting to this was evil.

    Cupertino delenda est.

    Google is no better, except that - well, we'll get to that in a moment.

  • The problem with perceptual hashes.  (Rent-a-founder)

    Perceptual hashes are numbers that are supposed to represent what a picture looks like.  They're what Apple plan to use to spy on children.  Click through to that link to see what a computer considers a match of perceptual hashes of two images.  I won't spoil it for you.

Tech News

Brickmuppet Bait Video of the Day

While he works on getting better, here's a bouncy anime girl playing Kerbal Space Program.  New agency, Cyberlive, which like PRISM seems to be based in Japan but targeted at an English-speaking audience.  They just launched two weeks ago.

Gotta love her self-description: Konlumi! I'm the star known as Gliese 667C and space's greatest thief, Kaneko Lumi!

Update: Nope, US-based.

Disclaimer: Damn you and your fairy stories, they're smashing up my house!

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1 Question: Since this spyware is nominally targeting children's accounts, and since they allege that they are doing this to rescue currently abused children, what they hell are they really thinking?  What abuser buys a really expensive, invasive, computer for their victim, and encourages the victims to store evidence on the computer?  Does Apple really have evidence to think that this is a significant use case?  Have they really been talking to the feds, and having the feds not do anything?

Possibility one, they are in league with the pedophile satanists, and are doing this as an information operation to discredit or marginalize opposition to pedophilia.

Possibility two, they are a MOSS subsidiary and are deploying state surveillance in America in order to support the Biden regime. 

Possibility three, woke 'corporate culture' and also a bunch of idiot management have pushed out dissent and oversight, and this is only one example of the resulting raging idiot fads.

I'm almost certainly overlooking other possibilities, but these are what came to mind.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sunday, August 08 2021 12:46 AM (DHVaH)

2 It looks like option 3 to me, with a light sprinkling of option 2.

Apple has never advocated for user privacy.   They've just been vehemently against anyone else getting access to their users.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, August 08 2021 01:24 AM (PiXy!)

3 The "protecting children" angle is just to get us normies to accept it.  The technology won't be a vital part of any child sex abuse prosecution (though they will probably tout it in any news articles).  But if you oppose it you're probably a pædo.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, August 08 2021 02:06 AM (obo9H)

4 I've recently figured out that my first exposure to v tubers was probably covers by Riot Music's Saki Ashizawa.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sunday, August 08 2021 11:53 AM (DHVaH)

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