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Daily News Stuff 6 March 2021

Alpacalypse Vs. Llamageddon Edition

Tech News

  • Rocket Lake is here, much to everyone's surprise, including Intel's.  (AnandTech)

    Tech sites are still under NDA and many don't even have review samples from Intel yet.  But European retailer MindFactory jumped the gun and released a couple of hundred i7-11700K chips and AnandTech scooped one of them up.  And chips bought at retail aren't covered by the NDA.

    And now they have a 19-page review chock-full of benchmarky goodness.

    So, how does it do?

    It do bad.

    Except in two very specific benchmarks, the 5800X beats it, often by a substantial margin, while using less power.  The two benchmarks where Rocket Lake takes off use AVX512 - which AMD doesn't currently have - and push power consumption to a space-heating 291W.

    IPC appears to be worse on the 14nm desktop model than on the 10nm laptop version, which is odd since in theory they have the exact same microarchitecture.

  • Looking for an iMac Pro?  Haha fuck you.  (WCCFTech)

    While supplies last.  And build-to-order options are gone.

    It will be interesting to see what they do to replace it.  Their own chips can't compete and releasing another Intel-based system at this point will look like admitting their own chips can't compete.

  • At least 30,000 corporate and government Exchange servers have been hacked over the past week.  (Krebs On Security)

    It's not pretty.

Let's Talk Pi Video of the Day

This talk is focused on machine learning, but the first half hour is an overview of the Pi Pico, so if you're interested in either or both topics it may be worth your time.

It does discuss how they designed the PIO on the Pico: They got a long list of I/O protocols and designed the simplest possible circuit that could handle all of them.  It also mentions in passing that someone recently doubled DVI output performance.  I'll need to see if I can find details on that.

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for its intended audience only.  If you read this post unintentionally, please destroy any memories of its content immediately.

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1 Question I have here on Hafnium is strategic weakness of PRC regime, related to PRC political strategy in the US, or attempt to discredit companies that are not enthusiastically pro Xi enough?

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sunday, March 07 2021 04:45 AM (6y7dz)

2 I'd guess it's just the normal PRC exfiltration of data from the US, they just got lazy this time.  I'm surprised MS even mentioned it, let alone patched it.  But I'd guess most of the data they're after is already out, so maybe they don't care if people know.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, March 07 2021 05:40 AM (+Kfbd)

3 "It do bad."

So much for all those leaked "benchmarks" that said it leaves Zen3 in the dust in single-core.  Well, technically it does on AVX-512.

Posted by: Rick C at Sunday, March 07 2021 03:11 PM (eqaFC)

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