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Piece Of Rat Tart With Not So Much Rat In It Edition

Top Story

  • [Not pure tech news, but I do branch out into the infectious cancer that is social media from time to time, so please bear with me -- Pixy.]

    Rolling Stone, the best time to delete your account was right before you posted this.  The second best time is now, except you're apparently all passed out in the bathroom.

    Shall we make a list?

    1. "Doctor says."

    2. Calling ivermectin a "horse dewormer" when it is one of the premier drugs for treating parasitic illness in humans.

    3. Photo that shows people rugged up for winter in an area where recent daytime temperatures have been in the high 90s.

    4. An apparent - and yet somehow entirely unreported - epidemic of gun violence in rural Oklahoma.

  • The story was of course circulated by the usual "intellectuals" and "epidemiologists" and "news organisations".

  • So what is the basis in truth for these claims?

    Turns out, there isn't any.  Every single word is a lie.

    There are ZERO cases of ivermectin overdose being treated in the eastern Oklahoma hospital system, and NOBODY has been turned away from emergency care.

  • So, Rolling Stone, seeking to avoid another humiliation, immediately retracted their fairy tale, right?


    I did see one person back down when presented with these facts.  They were not of the American left, though.

Tech News

  • The Ryzen 5300G may be the best APU you can't buy.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Not the fastest, but the best value for money, except that we don't know how much it costs because you can't buy it so the whole article is kind of guesswork.

    If you don't need sixteen cores and a 24GB graphics card, if you just want to check email, write your new novel, watch YouTube, play Minecraft - a modern quad core CPU with solid integrated graphics for $150 is likely all you need.  If this does cost $150, which we don't know, because, well.

    Intel has quad core desktop parts with integrated graphics, but their desktop parts have the graphics engine scaled way down from the laptop parts, and lag well behind AMD.  On GTA V for example, at 1080p low quality, the 5300G manages 80 fps, while the more expensive Core i5-11600K gets 52.

  • Meanwhile AMD's next-generation Rembrandt APUs have already entered mass production.  (WCCFTech)

    If that seems early, you need to understand that it takes months for a complex chip to make its way through the factory.  There are dozens of processing steps and they're not fast.

    These chips support DDR5 (though not PCIe 5.0) and should deliver twice the graphics performance of AMD's current fastest APUs - well, other than their actual fastest APUs which power the Xbox and PlayStation.  Something like 60% of the performance of the Xbox Series S.

  • Spying on children is bad.  Don't do that.  (The Atlantic)

    When you've crossed the line so far that even The Atlantic - I refer to it as Fascist Quarterly - even The Atlantic notices, you might want to pause, take a deep breath, and quit your job and go take up potato farming because you're a miserable excuse for a human being where you are now.

  • Cloudflare: Threat, menace, or just turning HEAD requests into GETs?  (KMitov)

    A normal web request  is an HTTP GET - it says "give me this page" and the server sends the page.

    There's another request type called HEAD - yes, I know - which says "just let me know if you have this page, but don't send it to me".

    So if you accidentally turn HEADs into GETs, the load on the server and network utilisation will jump dramatically as every check for the existence of a web page suddenly has to deliver the entire page.

    Cloudflare - which is designed to protect websites from being overloaded by their users - misconfigured several hundred servers to do exactly that, in effect DDOSing their own customers.

  • I bought a 1TB microSD card for the new laptop.  And, since I was on Amazon, some cutlery as well.  Been that kind of day, whatever that kind of day is.

Do Not Buy the Razer Raptor 27 Video of the Day

They don't mince words.

Do Buy a Ryzen 5 5500U Laptop If the Opportunity Presents Itself Video of the Day

That chip is actually a rebadged 4600U - so Zen 2 rather than Zen 3 - but placed one step down the product stack and so rather cheaper than previously.  Compared to the 4500U at the same price as last year it's about 25% faster for multi-threaded tasks.

This is another niche where Intel can't compete.  There are no low power Intel laptop CPUs with more than 4 cores; you need to jump from 15W to 45W for that.

Mission Failed Successfully Video of the Day

Sana (one of the two Aussies in HoloEN Gen 2) was hardest hit by the YouTube algorithm deleting subscribers and isn't yet back to her earlier peak.  Which means that the people still subscribed are the ones who cared enough to notice and go back and subscribe again - many of them two or three times.

She bought a big bag of party poppers to celebrate monetisation of her channel, with the plan to set one off for every superchat she received.  I just went back and counted - there are over 100 in the first 20 seconds.  Then things get busy.

Disclaimer: Yes, we have no chicken nuggets, we have no chicken nuggets today.  In fact we forgot all your frozen items.  Guess you'll starve.

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1 Yeah, this is a fairly obvious case of a leftist information warfare push.  Three reasons: Oklahoma is relatively Republican, they are trying to present their 'gun violence epidemic' narrative as being precisely backwards of reality, and they are still trying to pretend that fraudulently seizing power was an appropriate 'response' to the common fucking cold.  So the Leftist Americans pushing this started doing so knowing that it is blatantly false, and are not going to back down simply because it is proven.

Image is clearly daylight, people are wearing jackets, and some of them are clearly hunched over because of the degree of cold.  The times and places where this could happen in Oklahoma have been few since around May this year.  There have been a few freak cold spells, but that sky doesn't strike me as overcast enough to permit that degree of cooling.  Northwest Oklahoma did have cooler temperatures yesterday.  I think that was highs in the eighties, instead of the high nineties elsewhere in the state.  The places into the high nineties are probably into the seventies or eighties soon after the break of day.  Tulsa, in northeast Oklahoma, is forecast at to have night lows in the sixties.

Most of the gun violence in America involves druggies.  It has increased in some of America's big cities because of corrupt favoritism towards criminals.  Even before the 'legalize marijuana' vote was frauded in, Oklahoma did have problems with marijuana being grown and with meth being cooked.   People being quietly murdered in isolated areas, etc.  Thing is, the drug traffickers are not publicly shooting a bunch of innocent bystanders.   Except perhaps in Oklahoma's urban leftist hellholes like Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Norman.  Anyone who is that obvious is either going to be caught, arrested, convicted (except in Soros DA areas) and jailed, or in rural areas quietly shot by private citizens and never mentioned.  The only way a violent criminal gang stays active in much of Oklahoma is if, like the Oklahoma Democratic Party, they can maintain some plausible deniability about what it is that they are up to.

Oklahoma's population density tends to be pretty low.  If you are wounding (but not killing) people at a rate sufficient to task a single hospital, people will know where the shooting is occurring, and will soon figure out /who/ is doing the shooting.  At which point more shooting occurs, and then the shooting stops.  These aren't places with hospitals a few blocks away.  If people are making it alive to the hospitals a) there are people near by prepared to be first responders, probably private citizens b) whoever is doing the shooting is bad at it.  Someone murderous and bad at shooting + engaged private citizens = would be murderer shot, shoveled, and shut up about. 

People know how this stuff works.  After the Endangered Species Act, wolves continued to molest stock, but it was illegal to openly shoot them.  So the wolves still got shot, it is just that the shooters concealed the evidence and did not implicate themselves.  Trying to extend excessive protection by the legal system to unstable violent criminals just extends the work around to unstable violent criminals. 

There is at least one doctor in Oklahoma who has switched from prescribing Ivermectin to prescribing Ivermectin on a more aggressive dosing protocol. 

I wish I could be surprised at Oklahoma media taking part in this disinformation operation.  Other left compromised institutions in Oklahoma are very suborned by the Chinese, and very on board with supporting the Democrat attempt at violently seizing power.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sunday, September 05 2021 11:37 PM (r9O5h)

2 I don't use apple devices, but I thought it was impossible to not have everything on your device uploaded to the cloud (where they do whatever they want with it).

Posted by: normal at Sunday, September 05 2021 11:48 PM (obo9H)

3 What's an APU? Have they decided that calling them CPUs is gauche now?

Also, Brickmuppet's blog seems to attracted a lot of spammers lately.

Posted by: Mauser at Monday, September 06 2021 08:51 AM (Ix1l6)

4 AMD calls their chips with integrated graphics APUs.  It sounds like all  socket AM5 parts will have integrated graphics though, so I wonder if that will change.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, September 06 2021 01:47 PM (PiXy!)

5 Basically, vaguely since thebulldozer/jaguar era AMD started calling CPU with an embedded graphics chip an APU, that's become a "term of art".  It does have some validity, but it's also abused.

Posted by: normal at Monday, September 06 2021 01:58 PM (obo9H)

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