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Daily News Stuff 4 June 2021

Top Story

  • The Supreme Court has reined in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  (Ars Technica)

    The government has been using it to slap additional charges on any crime where computers were involved, and the decision says that if it's going to be used that broadly, it would make felons of the entire country.

    Interesting split to the decision: Thomas, Alito, and Roberts were in the dissent, against the Trump appointees and the liberals.

    In this particular case a cop was caught taking bribes and charged with accessing a computer system pursuant to said bribes.  (ZDNet)

    The problem is, he was authorised to access that system, and he wasn't charged with the obvious crime of the bribe itself.  So now the charges have been thrown out.

  • Something I didn't think of with regards to AMD's recent announcement of die stacking to increase cache sizes. This technique requires a custom CPU chip as well as custom memory chip to stack on top. Only AMD didn't announce a custom CPU chip, just an update to Ryzen 5000 with triple the cache.

    Which means...

Anime of the day is Alice to Zoroku from 2017, the story of...  It's hard to explain.  It's really hard to explain.  It's the story of an odd young girl named Alice and a grumpy old bugger named Zoroku who runs a flower shop.

Possibly the manga series has more time and focus, but the anime isn't quite sure of what it wants to be or who its audience is, and tries to be all things to all people, and yet somehow actually mostly brings it off.  In this case it helps that it's only 12 episodes; that would have become impossible in a longer run.

I described it at the time as a cross between Hellsing, Usagi Drop, The Tomorrow People, and a post-graduate lecture on particle physics, and I stand by that.

Tech News

Counting Stars Anime Music Video of the Day

I haven't posted much Miyazaki material lately, because it goes without saying that you should watch Miyazaki films, but I have a particular fondness for Ponyo.  Some critics see this as a lesser film; I think they need their heads read.  I'd place it right up there with Kiki and Totoro.

When You're Tired of New York, You're Tired of Overpriced Garbage Video of the Day

Louis Rossman is scouting Florida as a new home and business location.  If you watched any of his New York real estate or COVID videos, you know why.  This has been building up for some time.

I don't know how he votes, but he loathes Cuomo and De Blasio, so that's a start.

Just One Specific Manga May or May Not Have Outsold the Entire American Comic Industry Video of the Day

I haven't read or watched any of Demon Slayer - no, wait, that's not true; I watched a bit of the first episode and it rather touched a nerve by portraying violence against children and I noped out.

Anyway, it may not, technically, all by itself, have outsold all American comics combined last year.

Still, the top twenty comics by sales volume in America are all Japanese.  Get woke, wake up in debtors' prison.

Disclaimer: And your little dog too.

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1 "it's not clear quite what the point is."

I think the point is that the screen is foldable, which has been done on phones, but I don't think on laptops yet.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, June 05 2021 01:02 AM (eqaFC)

2 I really liked Alice and Zoroku. I think that...
...a cross between Hellsing, Usagi Drop, The Tomorrow People, and a post-graduate lecture on particle physics, and I stand by that. the best spoiler-free summation I've heard...assuming the explainee knows those shows. Important to note that this is referencing the Usagi Drop Anime, and not the Manga, which eventually became....argh. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Saturday, June 05 2021 06:24 AM (5iiQK)

3 Regarding the AMD die-stacking story; is this a case of people tweaking and optimizing a bit of kit they already had, or something else?

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Saturday, June 05 2021 06:28 AM (5iiQK)

4 There have been rumours / leaks for a while that AMD was working on some kind of 3D chip packaging / die stacking for next-generation CPUs.

The surprise here was that they had already built everything needed into the current generation of CPUs, and just needed to prepare the chip that stacks on top.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, June 05 2021 08:44 AM (PiXy!)

5 I have to be honest, a folding screen is great, but until it has folding RAM and folding SSDs, and a folding fan, I'm not going to be impressed.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, June 05 2021 08:46 AM (obo9H)

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