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Daily News Stuff 4 December 2021

Aargh Edition

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  • This server is beginning to annoy me.  I disabled the audible monitoring alert while I was fixing it from the last crash and forgot to turn it back on, so all I got this time was an email, which is not always sufficient to wake me up despite my hypertrophied site outage senses honed to a microtome edge by nearly two decades of pain.

    Server move imminent.  Got three weeks off starting the 18th.  I know I'm going the get interrupted by work stuff and three weeks will turn into two, but that's better than my usual Christmas break which is one week turning into zero.

  • I found another source for the perennially out of stock gluten free jelly beans I'm currently waiting on from Amazon.  They're a little more expensive, but only by about 10% if you buy in bulk, and you can buy in bulk, which Amazon won't let me.  They also have jelly babies from the same brand, which I didn't know were sold separately; I've only had them before in their "party mix" which has too much stuff I don't like to be worth the trouble.

    Their site tracks expiry dates of the products and they're all late next year.  So I'm considering buying 12 pounds of candy a month after Halloween.

  • We're number one.  Again.  (The Guardian)
    Frequency of being drunk – top 10 countries

    1 Australia
    2 Denmark
    3 Finland
    4 US
    5 UK
    6 Canada
    7 Ireland
    8 France
    9 Sweden
    10 Netherlands
    Also of note, Russia is suffering crippling alcohol shortages and New Zealand is lying.

  • Apple has started test production on the M3 chip using TSMC's 3nm process.  (WCCFTech)

    While that's a rumour and Apple hasn't said anything about it, Apple was TSMC's first customer on 5nm and 7nm, so it's implausible that Apple hasn't already started testing on the new production node. 

    The details of the rumour are that there will be M2 chips in between on either 5nm or 4nm.  That's also plausible since it's not expected that 3nm will deliver in volume until early 2023, with a few more months beyond that before products using the chips can reach customers.

Tech News

Party Like It's 1979 Video of the Day

I don't think I've heard the extended album version of this song before, and I certainly haven't seen this video.  Everything about it is great.

Disclaimer: Well I'm cold-blooded; I'm a lizard you see.  If there's a cold snap I'll fall out of a tree.

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