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Daily News Stuff 4 April 2021

It's Getting Hot In Here So Turn On The Air Conditioner Edition

Tech News

  • Intel vs. AMD: Who wins?  (Tom's Hardware)

    Comparing the 11900K and the 5900X it's a pretty easy win for AMD if you can actually find one anywhere which you can't.  Of all the Ryzen 5000 range the 5900X is the hardest to get.

  • Nvidia vs. AMD: Who wins?  (Tom's Hardware)

    Comparing he 3070 and the 6700XT the 3070 performs a little better overall and significantly better in ray tracing, but you can't get one.  The 6700XT is, so far, still available.

  • GitHub is being used to mine cryptocurrency.  (The Record)

    It's not a security breach though.  You can set up automated processes to test your code, and you can get those automated tests to mine cryptocurrencies for you.  It's comically inefficient and GitHub will terminate your account, but if you have nothing else to do with your time you might earn a few bucks before they shut you down.

  • A reasonably priced 2.5GbE switch?  (Serve the Home)

    Yes.  Albeit one designed by an idiot.

    The indicator lights are on the back.

  • Personal details for half a billion Facebook users are floating around on the internet.  (Bleeping Computer)

    I mean, on Facebook too, but in this case as a single huge dataset.

    I've never given Facebook my phone number, but Twitter will lock your account and force you to cough up your phone number to unlock it again.

Disclaimer: Because fuck you that's why.

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