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Daily News Stuff 3 July 2021

Never Go Full Stasi Edition

Top Story

  • Facebook has gone full Stasi, asking users to report anyone expressing unapproved opinions.  (The Verge)

    The Verge, it turns out, has learned to love Big Brother:
    Facebook, like other platforms, has had issues with extremism for a long time, and though it’s good that it’s trying to combat it, some of its efforts feel like they should’ve been implemented long ago.
    No, you fascist-fellating bumblefucks, what Facebook is doing is extremism.

Anime of the day is Galaxy Angel, which ran for four seasons (or six, depending on how you count) and 126 episodes from 2001 to 2004.

If you imagine Dirty Pair, with the competence dialed down and the comedy dialed up, but keeping the supportive but long-suffering boss intact, and also dial the destruction up to 12, you might have something like Galaxy Angel.

Because of that destruction factor, the continuity resets pretty frequently.  They die several times, and destroy the entire universe twice.

Each season also has an episode that plays things completely straight, often looking at a particular character's past.  Those have a very different feel to the general chaos and add needed depth to the story, but aren't kid material, when most of the series is.  (I watched some of this with my oldest nephew when he was maybe five or six.)

Tech News

The Zombie Apocalypse Might Not Be So Bad Video of the Day

World-famous zombie idol Kureiji Ollie from Hololive Indonesia is teaching calculus.  And has 4000 people watching.

This is her theme song.

Speaking of Hololive, in the past day Iofi from the Indonesian branch hit 400,000 subscribers, and Rushia and Fubuki from the main branch hit 1.25 million and 1.5 million respectively.

Coco's farewell stream had 490,000 live viewers and pulled in $300,000 in superchats.  And then she ate a tarantula.

I know I talk about Hololive a lot, but they put out more high-quality entertainment each week than Hollywood does in a year.

News From the Crapping All Over Everything Wars Video of the Day

TSR Games - the original publisher of Dungeons and Dragons - is back, with D&D co-creator Gary Gygax's son in a lead role.  Apparently Hasbro forgot to renew the trademark and Ernie Gygax managed to retrieve it.

Major gaming convention Gen Con has banned TSR for being insufficiently subservient to the wokescolds that are ruining everything.

TSR told them to get fucked.

Oh, and Gen Con was also founded by Gary Gygax.

Disclaimer: Commies.  Helicopters.  Some assembly.

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1 "more high-quality entertainment each week than Hollywood does in a year"

Opinions, being like assholes, it turns out that I not only have one, but it stinks:  I was at the club last night, and someone had put Matrix (1999) on.  I had never watched it.  I have now absorbed about 30% of it, and it's really stupid, but I can give them credit for making something with not-quite-terrible acting, passibly bad directing, decent special effects (though the green-screen stuff still looks like green-screen), and pretty slick cinematography.  The concept is lifted from Phillip K. Dick, the plot is a Simpsons episode, and the writing is right out of one of those comic books that Eastman and Laird were mocking.  If you gave thirty-eight random asian women cameras they could probably put out something of better quali- oh, right, you just said that.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, July 03 2021 08:11 PM (obo9H)

2 Great links today. The Apple 2FA article made me laugh:
"But now I’ve got pretty much all of my accounts set up in Apple’s new system. Some websites are better than others about letting you autofill the verification codes, but most are pretty seamless already. (If the site worked with codes that were texted to you via SMS, then it ought to work with TOTP codes pretty seamlessly as well.) The only downside..."

When you miss the downside...

Posted by: N.A. Ferrell at Sunday, July 04 2021 01:04 AM (+T/rd)

3 Both Russia and China appear to be screwing with the US, but their priors and MO seem to be different. 

PRC seems wildly confident in US proxies to manage the situation, so that the PRC can consolidate locally, and play games to preserve internal security.

Russia realizes that the US internal situation is potentially difficult, but wants to provoke self destruction so it does not have to worry about the US in the future.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sunday, July 04 2021 03:05 AM (6y7dz)

4 Actually, that "new compatibility property for allowing admins to specify the set of features that can be enabled on the pool" is pretty nice.  Previously, even with feature flags, zpool upgrade was basically a one-way street (you wouldn't later be able to simply import the pool on a system that didn't have those features built in when, say, your motherboard joined the French Foreign Legion and started smoking heavily, and you happened to have a(n old, reliable) machine nearby running FreeBSD 11, and you could simply hook the drives up via USB adapters and get all the good stuff off while you waited for a replacement, but since the feature flags were updated, you can't).

Also, as to why OpenZFS is available for older 3.x version of Linux, but not version of FreeBSD before 12.2 is that . . . uh, I'll bet it will compile and run fine on FreeBSD 12.0, but since that's an unsupported version, I'm guessing the FreeBSD folks asked that unsupported versions not be officially listed.  Binaries I compile on my machines with the brand-new Linux 5.13.0 kernel still identify as linux 3.something ABI.  It's not so much about kernel as it is about toolchains.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, July 04 2021 05:52 AM (obo9H)

5 Yeah, FreeBSD is one of those things - I'm very happy it exists, but I don't have time to follow it at all.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, July 04 2021 11:51 AM (PiXy!)

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