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Daily News Stuff 31 July 2021

Well Fuck Edition

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  • Not tech news but close to home: The conservative Coalition in Australia just committed political suicide.  (Sydney Morning Herald)

    The bullshit lockdowns are supported by Labor voters - lefties - but opposed by a strong majority of conservatives.  The Liberal Party is about to find out that their voters don't appreciate this rapid swing to fascism.

    Labor voters are just fine with fascism, but aren't going to vote for the Liberal Party anyway.

    I wouldn't mind these useless fucks getting the boot except that the other party is significantly worse on every measure.

    But there is no way I will vote for either of our major parties again.  Not that I have ever voted Labor in the first place.

    Update: Plural of anecdote, yes, but I went out to the shops this evening.  Soldiers sighted: Nil.  Regular police sighted: Nil.  Mask compliance: Around 50%.  That's no excuse for our shithead politicians, though.  Into the volcano they go.

  • Blockchains.  Can't live with them, can't nuke 'em from orbit.

    Major crisis at work today because a platform with a ten-figure market cap returns the same bland response for "transient network error, please retry" and "your wallet is empty you idiot".

Tech News

Disclaimer: F-word all the things.

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1 I'm sure the lot that fought at Gallipoli,  el Alamien, and other spots are lying peacefully in their graves about the lockdowns.
(Well, they probably are doing so since they are dead.  Good thing nobody remembers what they did and why.  For some values of "good".)

Posted by: Richard Cranium at Sunday, August 01 2021 11:52 AM (769ST)

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