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10nm Sneak Attack Edition

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  • Intel has quietly slipped Tiger Lake B into the sales channel - so quietly that I missed the importance of this yesterday.  (WCCFTech)

    Existing 11th generation Intel desktop CPUs are made on their old 14nm process; until now only laptop chips were produced at 10nm.  Tiger Lake B represents Intel's first 10nm desktop parts.

    We'll have to wait for reviews to see exactly how this turns out, but the new 11900KB uses 65W at base load, compared to 125W for the 14nm 11900K.  It also looks like they've increased the cache from 16MB to 24MB.

    On the other hand, base clocks for the 11900B are a little slower than before.

    The 11500B on the third hand looks like it could be a gem: The power remains the same at 65W, but base clocks are up from 2.7GHz to 3.3GHz, and maximum boost clock from 4.6GHz to 5.3GHz.

  • Intel also has graphics cards on the way.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This is great given the ongoing shortage and sky-high prices from both Nivida and AMD.  The cards are expected to have up to 512 Xe execution units, which gives us a good idea how fast they will be, because Tiger Lake laptop chips have up to 96 Xe units.  The dedicated cards will likely run at a faster clock.

    On the downside, we won't see these until next year, so in the meantime it's either wait or pay the scalper.

Anime of the day is Irresponsible Captain Tylor from 1993.  There's 26 TV episodes, followed by a 10 episode OVA series that ran from 1994 to 1996 and wait, where did that come from?  A 12-episode sequel called Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor from 2017.

Update: No wonder I missed the "sequel"; it sank without trace.  It gets a 4 on My Anime List, and tetanus would probably get at least a 5.

Justy Ueki Tylor is either a supernaturally lucky idiot or a tactical genius, or a little of both.  He joins the Space Force to work a cushy job in the pension department, but finds himself on the frontline just as a major war breaks out.

This is one I would recommend to fans of Dirty Pair; it leans a little more into the comedy but it features people good at their jobs being allowed to do their jobs, and the anime itself is clearly a labour of love.

Tech News

Irresponsible Anime Music Video of the Day

It Fell Off the Back of a Truck Video of the Day

Today's entry makes Dell look good.  The Dell system was competently engineered and assembled, it's just that everything was designed to reduce cost rather than to make the system run smoothly.

This system from iBUYPOWER was delivered untested and physically broken.

Bonus Not Actually Junk Video of the Day

Looks at first glance like cheap knockoff rubbish but it's actually a competently-built product that performs exactly as it should.

Disclaimer: We found the missing one - it was in the dust filter!  Just like this blog post!

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1 "We'll have to wait for reviews to see exactly how this turns out"

The mobo venders will probably mostly ignore PL1, meaning you'll get high clock speeds at the cost of being nowhere near 65W power usage.  I guess the best hope is that on 10nm, the clocks at a given power usage will be higher.

"It pushes a bunch of unwanted features and an even bigger bunch of bugs."

One thing that really annoys me is a change in the address bar.  I have a bunch of comics I read, and I used to be able to type "phoe" to get to the link for Phoebe and her Unicorn by just hitting the down arrow once.  With the latest update it gives me three predictive searches above the link I actually wanted, so I have to either take my hand off the keyboard to click with the mouse, or hit the down arrow several times.  That was one of the things I hated the most about Firefox.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, May 31 2021 05:06 AM (eqaFC)

2 "This system from iBUYPOWER was delivered untested"
In the comments some people claimed what that meant not that there was no burn-in test but that while each component was tested for FCC Part 15 compliance (radio interference), the system as a whole wasn't.  I'd be a lot more concerned about the beyond-shoddy assembly and packing.
Stupid stuff like single DIMMs is just, unfortunately, par for the course.  Everyone does that except the boutique guys, it seems.  Just skimming websites, CyberPowerPC's got a sub-$800 system--their cheapest customizable one--that ships with 2x8GB RAM.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, May 31 2021 05:36 AM (eqaFC)

3 I think buried in the new Edge settings is an option for disabling some of the search crap.  My recollection is that the autocomplete stuff is in several places. 

I've just gone through the settings, disabling crud, because I have a site for work I apparently need Edge for. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, May 31 2021 10:39 AM (6y7dz)

4 Pat, I prefer Edge over Chrome.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, May 31 2021 03:48 PM (eqaFC)

5 Yeah, I use Edge instead of Chrome for the work site, because I refuse to install a Google browser.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, May 31 2021 10:41 PM (6y7dz)

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