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Daily News Stuff 2 June 2021

Working Five To Nine Edition

Top Story

  • TSMC is firing on all cylinders.  (AnandTech)

    It's still not enough, but they're also building a bunch of new cylinders.

    6nm production - what they term N6 since the nanometres are imaginary - will match 7nm (N7) this year.  N5 is producing better yields than N7 already, though it is a more complicated process and more expensive to produce.  And N4 will be entering initial production later this year.  N4 is only slightly smaller than N5 but is cheaper to produce, which is a good combination.

    Meanwhile the company outlined its plans for the 3nm and 2nm nodes.  (WCCFTech)

    Fabs (silicon factories) for these advanced nodes are planned for both Taiwan and Arizon, and the company expects to expand overall production at a compound rate of 30% annually.  Though they didn't specify for how long and no-one asked if paperclips were involved.

    Logic circuits are expected to be 70% denser on N3 than on N5.  (WCCFTech)

    But memory circuits will only improve by around 20%.  This is similar to the situation moving from N7 to N5, and it's a major reason why AMD and Intel are both looking at die stacking solutions.  Their CPU cores are getting smaller but their caches aren't, so if they don't seek out novel solutions their chips are going to be cores lost in a sea of RAM.

Anime of the day is Pretty Cure from 2004.  And I have to be very specific about this: Pretty Cure from 2004.

This show is a multi-media juggernaut, with 18 TV seasons to date - and we're talking 45 to 50 episodes each, not short runs - 29 films, 17 video games, and about half a billion dollars a year in merchandise.

The problem - and we should all have such problems - is that the show's producers achieved this by maintaining a laser-like focus on their target audience: Girls aged 6 to 12 (or thereabouts).

Except for that very first season.

Not that the first season doesn't have cute mascots and frilly outfits, but those two girls are infinitely more likely than the later cohorts to mix it up directly with the baddies and get punched clear through an office building.

Tech News

It's All Just a Silly Misunderstanding Officer Anime Music Video of the Day

You Will Believe a Squirrel Can Sing Hololive Music Video of the Day

Give it a moment or you might be fooled into just thinking she has a nice voice.  She's said that she no longer remembers which voice is "really" hers, though the two regular ones are "Risu" and "Ayunda".

Disclaimer: Squirrels, can't trust them, can't build a bridge out of them.

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1 1950s Sci-fi:   autonomous, thinking robots will develop consciousness and decide that soft, fleshy things are a threat to themselves and try to eliminate us all.

Reality:  autonomous robots programmed by self-loathing SJWs (and similar Geenies) will just do what the SJWs (and Greenies) really want and try to eliminate us all.

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, June 02 2021 11:23 PM (LADmw)

2 Pretty Cure is interesting in that respect because one of the production documents leaked; it was explicitly noted that the target audience was young girls AND ALSO guys in their mid-20s and -30s. There are a few shows where it's pretty easy to believe that was the case (and a couple where there's no doubt - hello, Nanoha), but you don't usually have actual evidence to point to.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Thursday, June 03 2021 08:27 AM (v29Tn)

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