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Daily News Stuff 2 April 2021

Role Reversal Edition

Tech News

  • Tohru (my main desktop PC) had decided that it will now shut down if I play two YouTube videos at once.  I discovered this because Reine (from HoloID) had a unscheduled collab in Minecraft with Pekora (who has a new costume - old-fashioned prison pyjamas, making her look even more like Bugs Bunny) and...

    Anyway, realised that Pekora was streaming and I could watch both viewpoints, and I did - for about two minutes.

    I need a new PC.

  • Which is a problem at the moment, particularly if I want something fancy, like any graphics card whatsoever.

    But: Intel has a partial solution for that.

    The high-end 11th gen desktop parts - the 11700K and 11900K - have been solidly panned, but the lower-end parts fare much better.  They're relatively cheap, still have six cores, and unlike the 5600X, have integrated graphics.

    The 11400 is somewhat slower than the Ryzen 5600X but only by 10% single-threaded and 20% multi-threaded, and it is roughly 50% cheaper at retail.  (Because the 5600X is selling for well above its recommended price.)

    And, as I said, it has integrated graphics so I could use the computer for work while I wait a year for my video card to arrive.

  • AMD is increasing production of Ryzen CPUs by 20%.  (WCCFTech)

    That's not enough, but they're limited by wafer allocation at TSMC, who are running at 100% across all their fabs right now.

  • Microsoft is making Xbox fridges for real.  Apparently.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Okay then.

    Where's that KFC console?

  • isEven as a service.  (isEven API)

    Given the mess that NodeJS made out of this, it almost makes sense.

  • When upper case doesn't get your point across adequately why not try uppest case?  (Tom7)

    Why not indeed?

  • Has anyone checked the Prime Minister?  (The Guardian)

    Would explain a lot.

Disclaimer: Not everything, but a lot.

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1 Have I mentioned that I've been reading Tom7's invincible web page since something like 1998?  Back when he still had (he had to move to because his university's internet policy wouldn't let him host a .com from campus).

Posted by: normal at Saturday, April 03 2021 03:44 AM (LADmw)

2 "Because the 5600X is selling for well above its recommended price."

Brutal.  Micro Center's been carrying it--and the 5800X--almost continuously for a couple months now and for list price.  Can't remember if I mentioned it or not but a few weeks ago I upgraded from a 3600X to 5800X.
They're also carrying GT 710s, which are, as I phrased it elsewhere, arguably better than nothing, for about $60.  Sometimes they even have 730s and 1030s in stock.  Personally, I'm glad I have a spare 1050.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, April 03 2021 06:33 AM (eqaFC)

3 The local Microcenters have had a number of Quadros available for awhile, I eventually looked them up and the high end models are equivalent to GTX 1060s and 1050s... and they want $460 for the 5GB GTX 1060 equivalent. I sold my sister a spare 3GB GTX 1060 I had for $80 last year... I was debating whether I was overcharging her then!

Posted by: Sam P at Saturday, April 03 2021 08:47 AM (magRz)

4 The 1060 is still a perfectly cromulent card unless you're an FPS and/or detail junkie.  I'm using one in my second PC.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, April 03 2021 10:35 AM (eqaFC)

5 isEven looks pretty great. $99/mo to determine if the final digit is 0,2,4,6,or8 on a 12-digit number seems like a pretty good deal for an enterprise license.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, April 03 2021 11:05 AM (+Kfbd)

6 I hit post a bit early, but 999,999,999,999 can usually be excluded, so it's not really that great of a deal now that I think about it.
And they claim they can tell if 0 is even or odd, which seems . . . odd, if I can say that out loud without being banned.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, April 03 2021 11:08 AM (+Kfbd)

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