Friday, October 29


Daily News Stuff 29 October 2021

Blockchain Is Dogshit Edition

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  • The blockchain is like a database server with a thousand-dollar-a-day crack habit.

    Some days it has flashes of brilliance, but most of the time its out with your car and your credit card trying to pick up tranny hookers.

  • The HP Elite X2 G8 is very similar to my late(ish), lamented Spectre X2s, with updated hardware.  Same 3000x2000 display, silver finish instead of charcoal and copper, and with a 4 core 11th gen CPU rather than the 2 core 7th gen I had.

    Hopefully also the battery has been fixed so that it doesn't swell up and destroy the device.

  • A trillion dollar company with the most feted industrial design team on the planet vs. a menu bar.

    Well, that's kind of shit.

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